Monday, June 3, 2013

Marriage & Motherhood Monday

Yikes, life is totally getting away from me!  I feel like I'm the twilight zone waking up at 5 am...going to work...picking up tv show..shower...bed... repeat. {whew!} Right?!

Well as busy as I am, I find joy and pure relaxation is organizing.  I can't explain it, but it just works for me.  I have to have things in order before I can function properly.  So my goal for the summer is to get the house in order again.  I have to adjust some things because I have a toddler who enjoys nothing more than disorder. Take for example the laundry. He'll see it folded and stacked neatly and shake his head "tsking"... then proceed to knock it down and fling garments every which direction.  I've actually watched him do horror!

So yeah, I need to figure a new way of going about this!  I'll of course use the blog as my accountability partner. :)  Debating on whether I should do another challenge... would you all be interested in one? Thinking of tackling one room at a time again but doing it as a home tour segment.  See before & afters etc.

...and I'm rambling!

Actually I'm wasting time so that I don't have to do my homework!  {shame}...

..{hangs head and says goodbye}



  1. hahaha, i'm picturing you watching Avery fling neatly folded clothes across the room while you run to him in slow motion.

    seriously, i should be into that because our cupboards, filing drawer and so much more needs some serious organizing ... but ... you know, Netflix takes up that time.

  2. Hahaha I know that feeling very well. I've compromised with my daughter by giving her items she can throw around--extra hats and scarves. She leaves my laundry alone, and she gets to make a mess within means


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