Monday, June 17, 2013

Marriage & Motherhood Monday

Hola!  Sorry for the week of silence.  Work/School/Home life has me busy and to be honest, the blog is the last of my priorities in the day!  :(   But when I do post, I hope it's a fun surprise for most of you!
So it was Father's Day yesterday!!  Yay!  I love spoiling my dad  and now I get to spoil Matt too!
One of my favorite pictures of me and my dad!
My dad is my inspiration.  We think so much alike it's crazy!  He's always had my back and been a constant cheerleader for me in life.  Even though I no longer live under his roof...and I'm a grown woman, I'm still his baby girl. :)

My sister and I chipped in and got my dad a digital photo frame so that he can have updated pictures of the family (ok...of lil A) in his work office. :)  After scouring the internet I found the best reviews for a Nix 8-inch frame.  The best part is that it takes different forms of media. (SD Card and USB)  It also has a motion sensor so that it's not draining power continuously! (insert Green star haha)

For Matt, lil A took on a part time job so we could get him a new grill!  At lil A's 1st birthday we had issues with our gas grill and it eventually puffed out its last breath.  I did a ton of research and settled on a Weber Performer Platinum Charcoal Grill.
Needless to say...he loved it!  Him and A spent the day putting it together...then it was outside for a photo shoot.

GQ much?...

Happy Father's Day Matt!


  1. Love love the grill pics! So precious.

    I remember years ago my son & I gave my husband a grill for Father's Day. My son was old enough to help put it together & we've enjoyed a lot of meals cooked on it since then.

    A beautiful pic of your dad too.

  2. I'll take the baby on the grill, please and thank you.

  3. I'll take the baby AND the grill! So cute!

  4. Great father's day gift. A cute baby and a grill! Home Depot and Lowe's need to take notice for their next father's day advertising campaign!

  5. Always a fun surprise to see new posts. Glad to see Matt had a great Father's day


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