Wednesday, June 26, 2013

{Not even close} Wordless Wednesday

Rarely do I get a chance to capture such moments in lil A's life.  Every day is simply a new adventure in his eyes.  He's fearless.  Sometimes I watch him wandering in the yard looking at the new bugs, flowers, mounds of dirt, and endless puddles... and it's all thrilling to him.  I wish I still looked at life that way.  I took this picture the other day after it had rained and we decided to grill out our dinner.  I dressed him in some play clothes and let him go "exploring".  This picture doesn't show the mud caked onto his sweatpants...or the residue of dirt on his lips from trying to chew on rocks... (sigh).  But it was when he found the residual rain puddles on his sand box cover that he lit up.  It was a natural toy...and simply joyful.  That's what life is all about right?   Finding the simple joys God places in our lives and enjoying them to the fullest.

Have a Happy Wednesday... I know A is. :)


  1. I love this pic - there is nothing better to remind us of the joys God gives than children.

  2. ahh, this is perfect.

    completely agree that, that is what life is all about :)

  3. Pure joy! I love how the drops of water are clearly demarcated in the photo and how you can see his cute little teeth with his baby grin. Top notch photo mama!


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