Friday, June 7, 2013

Thank God It's Friday!

Dear God, 

I literally woke up this morning and asked Matt what day it was...that's what kind of week I had. haha.  It was so busy and flew by faster than I could have every imagined!   Thank you for making this week painless. :)  

Thank you for my new job!  I seriously love it!  It's definitely doing what I really like to do...and that's communicating with people!   I have a business trip coming please help me as I gear up for that.  

Thank you for the beautiful weather!  Summer is here...which has a different meaning for us now.  We now look forward to time at the playground and planning a trip to the zoo!  Life. has. changed. :)
Is it just me...or was he making his poo-poo face!!?
I would say thank you for bootcamp...but I'm not that thankful this week.  Taking a month off while transitioning jobs was the worst idea ever!!  I feel like the Michelin man trying to run a marathon for the first time.  Just jigglin' in all the wrong places!    I'll let you know how I feel after a month.  Hopefully back to where I had first left off! 

Thank you for another completed project!  We love the growth chart we made for lil A...and future baby C's!   Our downstairs hallway is looking great!  Now to tackle a kitchen project I've had on the list!  Just needed sunny days to do some sprayouts outside! ...hehe. 

Thank you for upcoming Father's Day!!  I love holidays that give me a chance to spoil Matt!  Even if we're having a tiff over why his laundry is unable to find its way into a hamper...I still love shopping for him!  And boy did I..I mean lil A go all out this year!  I'll share after next weekend of course.   But seriously, so grateful for such an awesome man who's raising our lil boy to be such an amazing asset to society!   Watching lil A follow him around the house and try to do what he does touches my heart.  They are such an inseparable duo already. 

 hm...I see a pattern to their bonding time... 

Thank you for all the new things lil A has been learning this week.  He's expanded his vocabulary to include: Wow, Ow, This and he now shakes his head No.  He dances and claps when we sing Jesus Loves Me and he's doing really well with intro to potty training!  He's such a joy from the moment he wakes up (and rolls over for a morning back rub) till he brushes his teeth for bed.  Thank you for my son. 

Please give us an amazing weekend of time together as a family! 

Your daughter


  1. You and your family are inspirational.

  2. I dont know why but everytime I read your blog I crack up. so... LOL @ not being thankful for bootcamp and hubby not putting clothes into the hamper. We are living the same life!

    Your family is beautiful.

  3. A and his dad = cutest thing ever. Hope you have a great weekend

  4. Ahh I just love this post! It's hard not to smile and laugh at the same time.

    Hope you are having a fabulous weekend!

  5. This is such sweet post. Love the lil A and daddy pics. :)


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