Monday, July 22, 2013

Lil A's First Camping Adventure

Well folks... we did it!  We took lil A on his first camping experience and he did absolutely wonderful!  Honestly, I was surprised how well he did being in a new environment with different sounds and foods... but he soaked it up as a new adventure!   Our friends (and yearly camping buddies) brought their adorable 9 month old daughter with them as we were all trying the new experiment together!  Here's a summary of the weekend mainly with an overload of pics!

We arrived Friday night, a bit later than I would have liked since it was getting dark and I had wanted A to get used to the site before having to go to bed.  We set up camp and grilled out some breaded tilapia.  It was lil A's first time eating fish and he inhaled two fillets along with a decent helping of pasta salad!  He then stayed up till about 10pm hanging out by the fire.  I don't have pics from this night just because it got dark and we were running around.

Lil A slept through the entire night in his pack & play with a small fan keeping him cool.  I wish I could say Matt and I slept well too but our air mattress had a major leak and every couple hours we had to roll off to re-inflate! :(   Other than that we woke up at 6:30 am to thunder and rain. Ironically the kids slept like rocks through it.  The rain let up a couple times and gave us a chance to cook breakfast and head to the indoor pool on site to pass the time.  By noon the rain had stopped for the day!

 We spent most of the early afternoon at our site having lunch and playing with the dogs. 
 We were pleasantly surprised by how well A sat in his camping chair.  It was the perfect size for him and it helped corral him when we had a fire going. 
 Mini photo shoot of my friend's daughter... she's so squeezeably cute!!!

 I tried playing around with my camera settings to see if I could capture some cool effects

 Our campsite with our new tent.  We loved it by the way.  Very roomy (two rooms) and it held up well with the rain.  As soon as they come out with the rainfly, we'll purchase that for the extra protection.  Otherwise, thanks to my sis... best birthday present for sue!!

 Mid afternoon nap on Saturday...
 After naptime we played some games, had dinner and decided to go on a hike.
 Playing cornhole with the guys... 
 Hug me!!! :)
 They're gonna be best friends and don't even realize it! 

 We strapped the kiddos on and went for a hike around the camp grounds

 Friends since 2nd grade!  A fun lil tidbit about us is we're 6 months apart in age and our kids are also 6 months apart!  That's fate at work! 

 Pit stop at the new giant play ground!

 Aerial view of the baby carrier

 "Avery don't lick the dirt on your finger!"
 Off to help dad finish loading the truck

 Back home... he passed out on the floor for 2 hours!
 I'm so glad we decided to do this trip!  Even with the small bout of rain, we stuck it out and made the most of it.  A really surprised us as he just "went with the flow" with everything we did.  Just goes to show, it's still possible to do some of the activities we used to.  :)


  1. A is the perfect child! Seriously he adapts to everything! Bonus points that he's SO cute'

    And Kathy you got some incredible pictures! So many framers!

  2. I can't take this. A is soooooo adorable. I'm glad he did well camping! Seeing him in that chair and on the floor wrapped in the blanket was too much for my heart to handle. You guys really have a beautiful family!

  3. I wish I was as adventurous as you are! Jonathon loves to camp, me not so much...You make it look so fun though. Maybe I'll swallow my fears of snakes and bugs and try it out. I am sure Abby would love it as much as it appears Avery did!

  4. Wow, looks like A did so well. Such a good boy following in his parents footsteps. Good thing you went for it and didn't get discouraged.

    I love the pic of A and Matt napping. such great memories.


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