Monday, July 8, 2013

Marriage & Motherhood Monday

Hey ya'll!
Hope you had a very fun, safe, and memorable Fourth of July!  Personally, it was a bummer that it feel on a weekday and I decided not to take any vacation days around it...but I think we made up for the fact and packed the day full of activities. :)  This was lil A's second 4th of July...but it was his first in a more "aware of my surroundings" type of way. :)  We went to our local parade and even risked the fireworks show.  He loved them both!   (Actually fell asleep during the fireworks finale!)  Matt's best friend from back home came  up to visit with his family, so we had a great time just catching up and checking out the town with the kids.
I'm going to do a photo dump now. haha... missed you guys!

Enjoying his first popsicle during the parade...basically just sucked the juice out. 


  1. I've missed you! Welcome back!

    Looks like a great 4th! Love the pictures! Y'all look so festive :) haha, I'm cracking up thinking of A sleeping during the finale. How is that possible? Lol.

  2. Happy 4th of July Conway family. Looks like you had an awesome time celebrating.


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