Friday, September 6, 2013

Thank God It's Friday!

Yup... these posts aren't going anywhere!

Dear God, 
Wow o's Friday...had a great day at work and the weather is gorgeous out!  (70's with a breeze and the sun is shining!)  Thank you for such a wonderful example of your splendor! 

Thank you for my amazing hubby who is taking me out on a date night for our anniversary sans our lil man!!  He'll be spending some quality time with his grandparents! 

Thank you for our growing lil boy!  Every day he does the most amazing things that remind me that he'll one day be a grown adult in this world.  I'm just cherishing those lil moments with him. 

Thank you for keeping my mama safe today.  She was in a car accident whereby she was hit by another grateful that the only damage was to the car.   "Life is but a vapor..." How true that is... 

Thank you for dark chocolate...little cubes of it...they're like cocoa vitamins for the soul!

Thank you for a healthy pregnancy so far... I have a feeling my sugar levels are going to be harder to control this time around, but I trust you'll help me and the doctor find a way to control it!  (Gestational diabetes is the worst!!!)

Thank you for my blog readers...heart them more than they realize.  Give us all safe and memorable weekends! 

Love always, 
Your daughter


  1. I've missed your Friday posts, used to look forward to these.

    Thank God for sparing your mom's life. YAY for healthy pregnancies. Keep growing strong and healthy baby C #2.

  2. I'm so glad to hear your mom is fine, thank God!

    Hope you had the best time on your anniversary date!

    Yay for a healthy pregnancy. If you need anything sweet just ask me to eat it for you. What are friends for?

  3. Thank God for your mother's safety! How scary!! And CONGRATS on the pregnancy. My oh my there is something in the water, there are going to be so many 2014 blogging mama babies. I'm holding out till 2015 per hubby's request but if I had my way I would totally join yall.

  4. We all have so much to give thanks for. I'm glad your momma is safe too. I love your comment about milk chocolate and that little boy of yours is so darling.


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