Friday, September 13, 2013

Thank God It's Friday!

Dear God, 

I woke up today and it was Friday...I feel like I accomplished little to nothing this whole week.  But the everyday deliveries told me I had a productive last week online shopping :o

Thank you for the slight ease to my work week.  We had a conference Tuesday & I was out of the office and busy listening to talks on new innovation for our company as well as networking!  It was a fun and informative time.  A nice break to the everyday! 

Thank you for my vacation day yesterday.  I was feeling "off" starting on Tuesday night and it got worse by Wednesday night.  I'm sure it's a preggo symptom related to night I tried everything to alleviate the uncomfortable-ness that can only be described as slight nausea with cool sweats and stifling air... ugh... I felt awful.  Took a vacation day yesterday and slept in with Avery.  I woke up feeling a lot better and with my appetite back...and some.  It was nice bonding for us too.  We played and giggled.  Took a walk and ran a little.
Eating a grilled cheese sandwich with apple slices and peanut butter!
"Want some?"
Thank you for my class.  So far it's going ok.  I actually feel like I understand what the teacher is talking about!  The homework is daunting, but getting through it!! 

Thank you for my sister!!  So happy for her!  She recently got a promotion for all her hard work!!  She's definitely made us all proud!! 

Thank you for green smoothies!  They look like death...but actually are quite tasty.  Been on a smoothie diet to try and get my sugar down.  So far they haven't done anything but at least they're a healthy alternative to the other "snacks" I really want.   (It's been 64 days since my last Oreo...)

Thank you for my readers!!  Heart them!! 

Please give us a safe and fun-filled weekend!! 

Your daughter!


  1. Lol @ your Oreo comment. I hear ya! I need to start something like that.

  2. Your Oreo comment is enough to put me in a relapse. LOL. I love those cookes...mmm! They are definitely my weakness. I never buy them but if they are around (like at a party or something) I definitely OD. Ha! Have a great weekend.


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