Wednesday, October 2, 2013

10 Easy Steps to Declutter the Home Office!

I won't even take pictures of ours. lol.  It's crazy how fast things accumulated in there!  I mean... the whole space is absolutely destroyed!   We rearranged the layout a few month ago and I'm not sure if I like the layout at all.  It feels more cramped in a way.  So in my attempt to follow these steps I found on Oprah's site I hope to get the office functioning smoothly once and for all!  Also...I hope to do this without spending a dime!!  (...I know...the optimistic type who has a fetish for cute storage items!)  So let's get started!
This isn't my office...but ironically the layout is the same as what we have going on! (Dual Workstation)

Step 1: Group Like Items Together!
Not only does this help you realize how much storage space you need to account for, but it also helps cut down on duplicates and trash vs. keep!!  This is my favorite step in organizing because I usually find something I've been hunting everywhere for!

Step 2: File Paperwork in an Organized Manner
Get creative, but also practical with organizing your paper storage.  Whether it's color coordinated file folders of flat tray bins.  Label everything so that you're not spending precious time searching for that one piece of paper that has your mortgage information!

Step 3: Utilize Wheeled Furniture
You can get file cabinets and storage ottomans on wheels that can be wheeled out for use and stowed under a table when not in use.  It helps free up space in a small office!

Step 4: Avoid Closed in Furniture
Like rolltop desks or office armories.  It promotes the build-up of clutter because you can "hide" it!  Not gonna like.. I love office armories... but I totally see myself hoarding all sorts of mess in there haha.

Step 5: Back up Your Files!! 
This is crucial...especially for new parents who have thousands of pictures of a sleeping newborn!  There are off-site Internet programs that can back-up your files...or what I like to use is an external hard-drive!

Step 6: Think like a Minimalist
Be careful not to overload with items you don't need/use.  You don't need 30+ writing utensils or 5 dictionaries.  Consider donating the excess items.  As one new item enters the office, look for something old that can be removed!

Step 7: Use Space Creatively
When you're putting things away... make sure every item has a designated place.  The key to be creative is utilizing each storage space to it's full capacity.  For example, behind our doors I chose to make a gift wrapping station!

Step 8: Choose the Right Space
Avoid having your office in the bedroom.  That should be a stress-free calming area.  Rather, choose another room or just off the kitchen / living room.  On a similar note... if you have lil kiddos... make sure cords and other hazardous items are out of reach for their curious fingers!

Step 9: Utilize What you Have! 
No need for a fax machine if your printer scans...and forget the day planner if you can keep records of your schedule on your computer and synched to your smart phone.  Little things like this can help keep you on track and organized!

Step 10: Clean for Tomorrow...Today
After working in the office, take a couple min to put things in their space and tidy up so that the next time you come in it's looking top-notch!  
Just think...after these 10 steps you'll have an office that's clean and organized with everything where you expect it to be!  Now the extra time you have can be spent with your family...or on the couch watching Netflix... I don't judge!


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