Monday, October 21, 2013

Child Safety: ID Bracelet

While thinking about this trip and how active and friendly lil A is...I get panicky about "what if we lose him in a crowd".  In all honesty...he's our top priority and NEVER leaves our sight.  But just in case... cause it does happen...I decided to order him an ID bracelet.

I found this site online that makes silicone id bands for kids!
Kid ID Bands
DID YOU KNOW? The Kid ID™ "Secure" Wristband has your child's important I.C.E. info on the INSIDE of the band!
Our Kid I.D. Bands™ are a fun wristband which safely conceals important information such as allergies, medical conditions or your contact information and your kids will actually enjoy wearing. With Kid ID Bands, your child can avoid the embarrassment that can sometimes come from wearing an ID bracelet. You can rest assured, in the event of an emergency, first responders will recognize the Kid ID and have the important information needed. Kid ID Bands are available in 6 fun colors and made of 100%, non-allergenic silicone.
 - See more at:

They're customizable in terms of colors and what info you want on the inside of the band.  We chose to put our phone numbers.  Lil A doesn't have any allergies yet (that we know of)...

Inside simply says:
If I'm lost please call my Mom & Dad
(xxx)xxx-xxxx or (xxx)xxx-xxxx

I ordered two in yellow for the kiddos!  If it's too large for his wrist he'll wear it on his ankle.  We plan to use these for when we travel or when we're in a crowded area like an airport or amusement park.  When they arrive I'll give another review!

Do any of you parents worry about these things?  Do you know of other products you use or have seen?


  1. Oh wow...never thought of this but what an excellent idea. My little girl isn't walking yet but I have been thinking about what to use when she eventually wants to run and do stuff. She is very friendly so this is good to know.

  2. seriously, what a great idea!

  3. We travel a lot but never thought of this. I'm ordering one today for IEK. Such a great idea and I'm glad you shared the info :)


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