Thursday, October 3, 2013

Operation:Grow a Human

So it's on... I have my list of what I'd like to accomplish during this pregnancy and things are a little different this time around.  I'll be sharing some of my experience with fitness, fashion, juggling life with a toddler, new recipes for preggo friendly food & green smoothies!   And here are my goals!

- Maintain a healthy weight gain...aka... if I want to eat the box of donuts I better have the workout planned to keep it off!

Keep up with the workouts I didn't stop going to my bootcamp classes once I found out I was preggo with #2.  And I'm so glad!  It's helped a lot with my sugar levels and energy.  I've only recently started to adjust my workouts in terms of weights used and not laying on my back to do the "useless ab" workouts haha.

- Keep a healthy diet  Since I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes during my first pregnancy I'm more prone for a second diagnosis.  The key to avoid the super sugary foods like fruits!!  This time around I'm going at it more proactively.  I've read up on some delicious recipes and smoothies that help steady sugar levels!!

- Keep some form of fashion sense! The urge to wear sweatpants and one of Matt's old t-shirts can be strong.  My goal is to keep myself looking "put together"  Appearance alone can help with self-esteem and energy levels throughout the day. Plus I plan to use this as an excuse to squeeze in a couple new pairs of shoes!....and a matching purse. :)

- Keep lil A engaged and excited for his upcoming role!  Being the eldest sibling carries a lot of responsibility. I would know!!  So I want to make sure I spend a lot of time with lil A and help him transition from only child to older (and hopefully helpful) child.  He's a great kid though.  That's one of the reasons we weren't worried to try for another so soon.  He made being 1st parents too easy!

- Give the nursery a face-lift!  It's crazy to think of lil A's room being used by another...but once we find out if we're having a boy or girl (OCT 26th!)...we're gearing up to give the nursery a gender-oriented facelift!  If we have another boy..I'm thinking about having them share.  Otherwise...our lil princess would get a decked out wonderland and lil A would move into the spare room for his new big boy decor!

So stay tuned!!  Ask questions... laugh, gawk and follow along as we make this journey!


  1. Nice!!! I love how good you're intending on being. Healthy diet my butt. I'm going to do light workouts, and eat whatever the hell I want. (I'll never have the excuse to again!)

  2. I love your goals -- they are totally attainable! I'm proud of you for keeping up with the workouts. I kept my gym membership and paid hefty fees thinking that would motivate me off the couch. Alas, it didn't. LOL.


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