Friday, October 4, 2013

Thank God It's Friday!

Dear God, 

Yay...I'm no longer a walking zombie!  I no longer have the urge to pass out on the living room floor...or the floor of lil A's nursery while we play with his building blocks...(true story.  Woke up with the great wall of China in front of my face and a missing toddler).  Thank you for getting me through my first trimester with flying colors.  At this rate I'll be more on board to do this preggo thing again! (shh...don't tell Matt!)

Thank you for the quick week!  Work was hectic, but productive and I survived my first exam for my finance class. 

Speaking of which...thank you for helping me focus on this finance class.  It's seriously harder than any chemistry class I took in college!  But the first exam went better than I expected.  It wasn't an A...and I know I need to work harder on multiple choice type questions...but my math-based answered were on point!  Yay!! 

Thank you for my healthy son.  Matt and I were just looking back on the last year and how blessed we've been to have a kid who never gets sick. Yes, he's had the occasional cold... but he's only been down for a day tops... and he doesn't put up a fight if medication is involved.  Overall,we're so thankful for his good health and happy nature. 

Thank you for The Cheesecake Factory...that's all. 

Thank you for my husband...and as a small prayer request.  Can you please remind him that I'm pregnant.  I think he's taking my irritability, mood swings, weird cravings, and constant complaints of back pain as me trying to get attention.  I don't want to hurt him in his just a subtle reminder on your end??  You're the best! 

Thank you for the weekend... keep us all safe, relaxed and ready for a new week!

Love always, 
Your daughter


  1. Lol...Amen Amen! Love reading your Friday thank you posts.

    You look great in both pics! Keep up the good work!

  2. Hahahah how quickly they forget (about pregnancy woes)!

  3. You look beautiful! John and I were just thinking how great it is that Roey never gets sick. We're so lucky. He teeths with a fever though, and I swear he LOVES that tylenol flavor lol.

    I think our husband's are linked. He doesn't seem to be as .... doting as he was last pregnancy. I think he's forgotten. Maybe when I get bigger he'll remember that I've got a child growing in there and it's HARD WORK DAG NABBIT!!

    1. I miss the nightly foot rubs terribly!! And when I'm upset I I'm just overworking myself into a frenzy with now muscle relief. At least my kitchen is spotless haha.

  4. I love your last prayer request and hope that it is quickly answered. If only men could experience pregnancy too, then they would totally get it!

  5. A healthy baby makes all the difference, you are so right for thanking God for that.

    Love your first prayer, maybe a baby #3 in the C household one day??? We are 4 and done if we get lucky so I will be doing this again (hopefully), we should be buddies again :). I guess we should get through this pregnancy firs huh?

    Love the pics. You are such a happy family, I love that

    1. haha... well that's the thing. I'm an even numbers fanatic. So if I do agree to do this again...there will have to be a 4th to seal the deal! :) Prayers please. Matt was done at 1 haha!


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