Monday, November 18, 2013

Finally...a useful grocery list!

So since we first moved into our home I've been on the hunt for the perfect organizational tool for grocery shopping!  For awhile we were using a template that incorporated my couponing and the weekly menu.  But that sheet was just too cluttered and we eventually stopped using it altogether!  (I have a new plan for the weekly menu that involves a chalkboard...and chalk markers! :)

Anywho... so I needed a list that was organized by in where they would be located in the store.  So as I walk through I grab what I need and don't have to double back.  I found a template on Excel (Grocery list with space for brand) and then filled in my own list based on what we purchase most often.  I left a few spaces in each category for those extra items we made need.

There are also columns for Quantity and Brand.
For items like "Lettuce"...I can write "1 bundle" and "Romaine & Kale"
What solidified my love for this list was when I sent Matt shopping alone with it.  When he got home he thanked me because it was so clear as to what I wanted.

So there you have it!!  For those who are into the oober organized and carefree grocery shopping trip!


  1. funny but i would actually love that! i love that Matt thanked you for it, so sweet :)

  2. Thanks for sharing! I've been using my grocery store's online list that is automatically generated as you check off items from the circular- I'm going to have to check this out.

    What kind of chalk markers are you using? I've been looking for some and I've only been able to find a select few that doesn't come with enough range of colors.

    1. I got a 4-pack set at Hobby Lobby called "Fluorescent Bistro Chalk Marker Set" It came with Blue, Pink, Green and Yellow! They had another pack that had Black, Red, White and Blue. But I didn't know how the black would work out on a black chalkboard...haha.

  3. Aww love that hubby thakned you for it. I think I may start using this....I can't believe I'm saying this a documented format.... but... I'm going to start *gulp* meal planning and *gulp* being more intentional with couponing and *gulp* buying from the meal planned list *faints from the thought of the effort*


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