Friday, November 15, 2013

Thank God It's Friday!

Dear God, 

Thank you for yet another amazing week!  We had our first snow fall and I'm reminded of how fast the seasons change...and our short our time here on Earth truly is.  Help us all to remember the important parts of life and cherish every min we are given! 

Thank you for a steadily healthy pregnancy.  Our lil boy is growing big a strong and he makes sure I know it!!  (My poor bladder and lung!)  Grateful You gave me the opportunity to be a mom again...and to another boy!  I have a feeling life is about to become a whole new level of exciting.  Thank you for the help I've been getting around the house from the boys.  I'm really starting to feel "limited" and it's nice to be able to put my feet up and know that things are still being handled. :)

Thank you for my husband. Yes, we argue.  Yes, we get on each others nerves. Yes, he tries to steal my chocolate.  But at the end of the day, I'm grateful for him.  He's a hard worker and a great example for our boys.  Please give him the strength he needs to lead our family. 

Thank you for my son, Avery.  He's a riot.  Seriously...every day he cracks me up with his growing humor.  I love his personality and endless smiles.  I can't imagine my life without him!  

 Thank you for finally helping us decide on a theme for the boys new bedroom design!  Yup...we're redoing the nursery!  No major construction...but there will be changes! 

Thank you for my sanity as I pack for our vacation!'s almost here and I can't wait to lay on the beach and soak up some relaxation!  Though...I'm nervous about the whole "traveling with a toddler" aspect...but I trust You'll get us through that one. :) 

Thank you for family & friends.  As we gear up for Thanksgiving, everyone is being reminded to be thankful for what we have.  I just pray we remember to carry that thankfulness throughout the year. 

Love Always,
Your daughter


  1. We had our fist snow fall about a week ago and it snowed for two days straight this week! Love your pictures- Avery is such a cutie!

  2. Avery is adorable!! Yes. Vacation is much needed around these parts too! Can't wait. Glad your pregnancy is going okay. Enjoy your weekend. I was dying for Friday too. It really didn't feel like a short week.

  3. I can't believe y'all already got snow! It truly is a reminder of how quickly time is moving!

    Avery is so, so cute! Look at him helping you clean :) I can tell what a great personality he has based on the pictures alone.

    I'm so excited for hour trip! I know that everything is going to go great!


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