Friday, November 22, 2013

Thank God It's Friday!

Dear God, 

Woohoo it's Friday!!  Too bad it's raining outside...but at least it's not slushy snow.  :)  I can't believe Thanksgiving is next week?!?  Wow.  I feel like we're rushing around trying to get everything together for our vacation that we kind of forgot to shop for Christmas... eh... we'll have time later. haha. 

Usually at this time I have a spreadsheet of all the stores I'm hitting up for Black Friday... but not this year.  I've lost the interest now that stores are opening on Thanksgiving Day and really taking away the meaning of spending time with the family.   I hope one day I'll find the spirit for midnight shopping again, not for now... I'll be hanging out with my family. 

Thank you for my lists!!  We're almost completely packed for our family vacation...and thanks to my detailed lists I don't feel stressed...yet.  :)  Still have to get through the airport with a toddler...and a non-flying husband. Yup....I thought this through! 

Thank you for a productive work trip!  I had to drive down to Richmond, KY for a one-day plant trip and everything went smoothly.  Lil A had a blast at home with daddy...but I missed them terribly!  
Morning bagel for the commute to Grandma's house

 Thank you for Ikea!!...hehe... since it was on the way back from Kentucky I may have stopped by to pick up a couple things.  Hehe... I'll share later!
 Thank you for my lil baby...growing up!  The closer we get to meeting our new lil one the more lil A seems to be maturing before our very eyes.  He holds conversations with us...makes decisions (basically says no a lot) and is doing big boy things like potty training and gearing up for a big boy bed.  I can't express how proud of him I am. :) 
Thank you for our Christmas cards...that are arriving today!!  You better believe I'll have them stuffed, addressed and ready to be mailed by Monday.  It feels good to be on top of them this year!! 

Thank you for my family...on both sides!  Matt's family is coming into town this weekend and we're so excited to spend time with them!  We'll be going to the Christmas parade in the square so that the kids can see Santa arrive!  It'll be great! 

Thank you for my fellow blogger friends.  Grateful to have them!  Bless them with weekends full of joy and memories! 

Love Always, 
Your daughter


  1. Already learning to read on the potty!! And I am so ready for Friday too! Cannot wait. I never do black friday. It's really just too much for me! I just want to sleep on the day after Thanksgiving.

  2. Lovely king on his throne. I love when AOI sits on the potty and reads like A is doing in the picture. Wishing you a lovely weekend :)

  3. These are always my favorite. Look at lil A on the potty like a big boy. You go girl, get him trained and out of diapers.

    Oooooh project from Ikea, I can't wait to see more.

    We just got our Christmas cards in the mail too and I am so giddy with excitement that I got my act together sooner and can mail those out much sooner this time around. I feel like I am on a roll I tell you.

  4. i can't wait to see what you purchased ... i still can't believe i've never gone to a IKEA before. craziness.

    and potty training?! he is growing up (tears!)


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