Monday, January 13, 2014

Child Safety: ID Bracelet Review

So the ID Bracelets for the kiddos arrived a few months ago!  The shipping was super fast!
When I opened them I was surprised they were as small as they were. :)

I first inspected the inner message:
If lost please call my mom & dad
(xxx)-xxx-xxxx or (xxx)xxx-xxxx

Honestly...I found it extremely difficult to read for two reasons.  It's embossed on a tiny the font is small.  Also, the band is yellow, so it's just harder to read.  You basically have to tilt it in the light to read it.  Three things came to my mind:
1) At least I know that the message can't be rubbed off
2) In the case of an emergency, I can hope that a first-responder would recognize the bracelet for what it is.
3) I could teach my children to present the bracelet if they got lost and scared.

But, since I still felt ill-at ease and didn't want to re-order a different color...I took a sharpie marker and quickly rubbed over the message so that it showed more prominently.  For now...that works for me.

Upon presenting the bracelet to lil A he lit up!  I helped him put it on and he immediately ran to show his dadda.  Then he took it off!! (with some effort)  So... we'll most definitely be putting it on his ankle. haha.  But he's proud to have it.

All in all.  I am happy with the product.  I wish they did some type of two tone color to make it easier to read. :)


  1. It's such a neat idea. Every parent should have one. I'm going to share with my sisters.

  2. This is a good review and good to know! Do you think it would have been easier to read if it was in a different color? Thanks for sharing!

    Lil A is just so cute!

    1. I do! I think a darker color would show better. Yellow is very...Bright! :)

  3. Just as an added tip- you should do this one their car seats too. Just in case (god forbid) that either of you are unresponsive in the event of a car crash- there would be secondary people for emergency personnel to reach!

    1. That's a really great idea. Thanks for sharing!


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