Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Puerto Rico 9 & 10

Friday, December 6
We're coming down to our final days of our trip!  We decided to take lil A to another (much larger) children's museum just a few min away from our apartment. 

 What fun!!  Seriously was a cute setup.  They had a volcano slide that lil A kept wanting to go down over and over.  I was surprised since it was pitch black in there!
I went down with him the first time...then he did the rest on his own!

They also had this individual rooms that were themed:  Police/firefighter, grocery store, and even dental office!
Note: The yellow emergency band on his ankle!  Worked perfectly!

Mommy was a huge fan of the dental hygiene room!!

 There was also an aquarium room with a tank filled with Finding Nemo fish! 

We learned about tornadoes

 Then we went upstairs where they had some more hands-on this water table!  Let me tell glad we brought a change of clothes!! 

 That night we went on a night tour to the bioluminescent bay. It was the perfect tour for us since we had lil A and didn't want to risk his safety taking a boat.  Basically, the bay is filled with microorganisms that thrive off the environment and produce a green/blue glow when disturbed.  Such as a stick or paddle in the water.  I couldn't get any clear pictures so you'll just have to make the trip out yourselves to experience it!  Lil A, was quite most of tour as I had him on my back in his carrier...but I kept hearing him laugh or reach out to touch trees etc.   Here are some pics from the lighthouse we stopped at.  Views of the city:

 Inside the lighthouse was a small nature museum.  Skeleton of a manatee and other animals found in Puerto Rico. 

I have one more day to report...!


  1. Beautiful, such precious moments with your lovely family. I would love to visit Puerto Rico one day the place sounds amazing

  2. Abby and I love Children's Museums! I also love Puerto Rico. I've been twice and hope to take Abby one day so we will definitely have to check out that Children's Museum!

  3. Such fun! I love you playing in the museum, hehe! I need kiddos that way I can do the same, lol.


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