Thursday, January 16, 2014

Puerto Rico (Day 1 & 2)

I've finally managed to get through all our pictures from Puerto Rico!  (681 total from my DSLR camera)  Insane, but I managed to widdle down my favorities.  I'll do a series over a few days to summarize our trip!  Hope you all enjoy!

Thursday, Nov. 28, 2014
So we left for sunny Puerto Rico on Thanksgiving morning.  Our flight was actually at 5:30am.  We chose this time because it seemed ideal while traveling with a toddler.  I'm glad we did.  He was awesome in the airport and on the plane!

We actually had two flights and on both he slept or sat there and ate.  He loved watching the planes coming in and out of terminals and was friendly with all the other travelers.  I'll do a review later on what we did to make the trip smooth kid-wise.

We arrived in Puerto Rico around 5pm and we checked into our rental house and headed out to find food.  This was our downside to traveling on Thanksgiving...nothing was open!!  We managed to find a McDonald's and fumbled our way through ordering some food. (My spanish is awful haha)  We then waited for the rest of our family to arrive. (My parents, sister, aunts and uncle)
Happy Thanksgiving!
Once everyone arrived we settled in and got some rest... we had huge plans to sight-see the next day! 

Friday, Nov. 29, 2014
Lil A actually slept on a big boy bed this entire vacation.  It was crazy how well he adjusted.  He rolled off a couple times the first night, but we had the bed surrounded by pillows. :)
 We spent the morning at the house eating breakfast and checking out the back patio that butted up against a rainforest.  It was absolutely beautiful.  Matt even spotted a large iguana in the trees.

My lil sister
 We then headed out to Old San Juan to check out the town and old forts...and things got pic heavy!  Enjoy!
Cemetery right next to the ocean...beautiful
It rained on and off all day, but it was always a quick rain followed by sunshine.

My Aunt (Dad's sister-in-law), My mom and my other aunt (Mom's sister)

One of the original forts that protected the island

28 weeks!

Just checking out the ocean view from one of the fort rooms
The wind was blowing so hard throughout the building...these next two pics were fun because the wind was actually blowing lil A's curly made him laugh too. :)

My aunt and mom...sisters!
 As we were leaving and walking the streets of Old San Juan, it started raining so he headed into this indoor plaza to stay dry.  We ended up finding a really cute coffee shop and museum...the architecture and colors were amazing! 

 The inside was "some "people enjoyed a lil run in the rain!

Clockwise from top left: My Uncle Joshua (Dad's brother), My mom, My Aunt  Margaret (Dad's sister-in-law), My Aunt Rachel (Mom's sister) and my dad!

Loved the chairs outside of the cafe.  They were wrapped in coffee bean burlap sacks. 
Loved the heart design they made in the cup...

One of my favorite pictures of Jenny...

We spent the rest of the afternoon enjoying the streets.  All the buildings were so colorful! 

We ended up in a plaza known as pigeon park where we got quite the experience feeding the birds!


...told you there were a lot of pics... stay tuned for more!!


  1. Kathy! OMG! Looks like such an incredible time. LOVE all the pictures! Your family is so beautiful! You are gorgeous and glowing! Love the pictures of Avery just smiling away and enjoying himself.

    Glad he was good on the flight :)

    I seriously can't wait for more pictures. I hope you share 100s more, lol.

  2. What a brave mama. Pregnant and with a toddler on vacation. What a wonderful trip to take with your family. I know how hard it is to wade through a million vaca photos!

  3. What a fun family vacation! Vacations with extended families are the best. You are so blessed!

  4. What a great post Kathy. Amy is right vacation with the extended family are so much fun. Looks like you guys really made the best of it. I love the millions of pics :) and the bump pics.

    Matt seems to be having so much fun with your family and that's awesome. Little A is such a happy go lucky baby, he is going to make such a great big brother.


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