Friday, January 17, 2014

Puerto Rico (Day 3 & 4)

Saturday, November 30
This was the last day we had with the whole family before they all boarded for a week long cruise.  We spent most of the morning hanging out at the house just catching up.  The rest of the group (from Canada) had arrived the night now it was a group of 14 of us!  I really wanted to go to the beach with my cousins before we all split up. So we suited up, packed our bags and headed out!  These pictures are from my phone since I didn't bring my good camera to the sand. 
Sun was shining that's for sure!

My cousin Philipa, Matt, Jenny and my other cousin Juliet
 This was actually lil A's first time at the beach!  He's played with sand before...and he loves it was like two of his favorite things combined.  So thankful he didn't try to eat the sand.  But he did throw a lot!

Walking the beach line with his aunt Jenny
Now we're talking...
I want to say they were building a sand castle...but not much came of that :)

That evening we bid "bon voyage" to our family and friends.  Not going to lie...I cried when they left.  Part of me really wanted to be on that ship, but being overly pregnant...I understood the restriction.  It was time to embrace a family vacation with just the three of :)   We had gotten a rental car and we moved into our second rental home.  It was a beautiful little apartment just min from Old San Juan and the beach!  We rented through flipkey...and I totally recommend the space! See more here.

Casa Blanca | 2 Bedrooms Apartment in San Juan
Stock photo from their site of our bedroom

Casa Blanca | 2 Bedrooms Apartment in San Juan
And this was lil A's room.  We moved the bed against the wall and used that large pillow to keep him from rolling off.
On the front porch...Where I spent a lot of time... ;)
Sunday, December 1
 We woke up early and headed out to Old San Juan again.  We decided to take the day just having a leisure stroll and shopping.

We found one of those park bench statues that made for a great photo op with lil A. 

We found ourselves back at pigeon park too!

 We stopped at a new cafe that had such character inside!  I couldn't stop taking pictures of the decor...and Matt's drink!!  (I was taking it easy with the caffeine intake...their drinks were strong!)

 We then went on the hunt for lunch.  Everyone said that when in Puerto Rico you must eat Mofongo.  It's a plantain based dish that is accompanied with a meat such as chicken, beef, pork, fish or shrimp.  The seasoning changes depending on where you go.  We found this classy lil restaurant tucked away and ordered a chicken in garlic sauce to share.  I say classy because we got cloth napkins...haha.

This was so delicious!!
Cloth napkins?!  Someone knew what to do with that
 We then walked off the calories through town and back to our car. 

 Back at our apartment I found lil A just chilling on the couch ready to read his book before bedtime.  He was exhausted from all the activity, but still liked his nighttime routine. 

Stay tuned for more...


  1. Gosh, loving your Puerto Rico recaps, you look amazing in that stripped dress. I am loving that we are due around the same time :). I am due February 23, what what. Lil A sitting on the bench is looking pretty cool.

    Looking forward to seeing the rest of the pics from your trip.

    PS - Aunt Jenny is looking really HOT int that bikini ;).

  2. Explain to me why.
    I cannot take it.
    Your trip looks like so much relaxing/fun....

  3. You look so fabulous in that striped dress! I love it!
    I cannot get over how cute Avery is! He makes me melt!
    These pictures are so great! I can't get enough.
    I want to jump inside and get the coffee and food!


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