Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Puerto Rico day 5-8

The days are starting to blur together...I know this was December 3...so I guess I didn't take any pictures the day before?  Anywho, here are pictures from our trip to the beach that was just down the street from our apartment. 
Let's do this.
The waves were definitely more intense on this beach, but that didn't stop lil A from trying to get a little wet and walk along the coast with his dadda.

 Then I set my camera on the action setting and set to work capturing Matt's wave jumping fun! 

 Meanwhile, lil A spent some time hanging out with me...as I read my book.  He was so exhausted from all the water fun.  He passed out not too long after this picture was taken.

The next day we went to the rainforest.  I had read a tourist blog that described these natural waterfall slides.  I figured Matt would get a kick out of it.  We followed the crazy directions (literally said to look for a colored barrel and certain color chain link fence to a house that provided parking)  The falls were in the backyard of this house.  It was amazing how easy it was to find though.

Can't say enough about how much I love this Boba carrier! 
 We hiked down to the falls...it was some thick jungle.  The humidity was so high...I've never felt anything like it. 

Enjoying the ride I guess. ;)

 It took about 10 min to arrive at the falls.  The owner of the house told us that the local kids usually come by after school, and since we were early they wouldn't be around to show us how to slide. That was a bummer.  But I convinced Matt to try a safe spot...I mean...when will we ever be back here again?!?

Here's a video of Matt's rock slide adventure!

It started to rain just after Matt went down the slide...I mean rainforst downpour!!  We made our way back up to the house and took a break to eat our packed lunch and admire the beauty. 

The next day we went back to Old San Juan to take lil A to the children's museum.  Due to the rain storms they had that night they were closed to we walked around and ended up having lunch at that first cafe we went to.  

We also spent some time at a small park area that looked out to the cruise ports.  Lil spent most of the time chasing pigeons and exploring. 

We also stopped at Barrachina.  This restaurant bar prides themselves for being the birthplace of the original pina colada!

 Stay tuned for more!!....



  1. So many great pics, you document your trips the way I do :). Looks like such a great time. Matt in the waves made me smile, you running around with A is just priceless. What a great family vacation.

    PS - I love carriers that allow us to wear our babies even while we are pregnant. I totally make the most of mine too.

  2. Such fun pics of the wave surfing at the beach. And you know I love a beautiful waterfall. I think it's awesome that you strapped the baby to your back and did the hike. That waterfall slide is so cool!! Mj would have loved it and I'm certain that I would have only been able to watch.


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