Friday, January 10, 2014

Thank God It's Friday!

Dear God, 

It's been so long since I've had to a chance to sit down and publicly express how grateful I am for all that You've provided.  Lately, things have been beyond hectic!  It's like I woke up the other day and realized...whoa, there's a baby arriving in like 7 weeks... maybe we should get some stuff done to prepare. :o

Thank you for my husband.  He's been picking up the slack around the house while I shuffle around and catch naps on the couch.  On top of everything he's been attacking the project list and for that I'm grateful! 
Thank you for my hilarious lil toddler.  Lil A has been transitioning into his terrible two's in style.  I've noticed he's been wanting more attention.  And for as social as he only makes sense.  I've started to spend more time with him counting, pointing out colors and just playing around.  Since then...his vocabulary had overall knowledge has really grown.  Plus he sleeps better... I guess the mental workout is just has exhausting as a physical one. :)

Thank you for a healthy pregnancy.  Well, yes I failed my glucose test and got diagnosed with gestational diabetes again...BUT, I barely failed...and the diet I'm on is healthy.  I can't complain for gaining less that 1/2 the weight I did with lil A.  It's insane! 
 Thank you for the plans you've allowed us to put together for the boys' new room!  I'm so excited to get started on it this weekend!  Let's hope we get it all done in time! 

Thank you for all my blog readers...and they're patience with my absence!  They've been awesome and I'm glad to be back!  I pray we all have great weekends...with some added warmth in the weather too!! 

Love Always, 
Your daughter

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