Monday, February 17, 2014

Boys Room Status!

Happy Monday to all of you!!
So a LOT has been going on around our house as we enter week 39 of this pregnancy!  My nest phase was in overdrive on Saturday. :)  Lil A spent the day with my parents (mainly grandpa time) while Matt and I tackled the last few paint jobs in the house.  (One included the mudroom!...details to come!!)
So the main thing was I wanted the boys room painted!  The color we had chosen was Sherwin-Williams' SW7608 - Adrift...perfect name huh?  I just love when all the details fit a theme.  As you can see in the pic...the new nautical theme called for a more "watery" blue rather than aqua.  You're all going to think I'm crazy...but I painted this room by myself while Matt was downstairs working on lil A's big boy bed.  :o
The color turned out perfect though!!  We seriously LOVE it!!
1/2 way done with new color (SW7608 - Adrift)
 So the bed...
The original plan was that Matt was going to build a bunk bed using one of Ana White's designs.  Well our neighbor noticed Matt getting his wood cutting gear setup and inquired about our latest project.
This is when I pause to realize how crazy our neighbors must think we are.  We're constantly painting, building, cutting or re-purposing something!
Anywho...once he found out we were making a twin bed he told us he had one in storage from their daughter that he wanted to get rid of.  I was hesitant since I had a specific look in mind and didn't want a detailed wood bed with etched flower carvings.  Well imagine my shock when we head over and find a mint condition oak sleigh bed... no carvings!  I was ecstatic...then I almost started crying because they humbly would not accept anything for it.  Did I mention they had the mattress and box spring too?!  It all looks brand new!  Well we carried the pieces home and I decided on the spot I wanted it painted white.  Matt set to work sanding down the varnish.  I'll have pics soon on the finished product...but it looks perfect in the room!
The best part was when we brought lil A home and he walked into his room. He stopped...looked around...and said, "wow".  That made it all worth it in my mind. :)
39 least my paint shirt still fits!
While we wait for the paint fumes to dissipate in the room we've been gathering all the details, new sheets, decor, diy decor...etc.  Here's a list of the projects I have to finish this week:

Sailboat Mobile
I actually have everything completed...just need to hang it!   But I ordered these mini sailboats from an online party store. (Party Swizzle)  The mobile will hang above the changing table.

Nautical Flag
So this just made my day.  I was researching nautical flags and decided to hand make a string of them to hang over the window curtains.  Turns out...they are alphabetic!  So I decided to do our last name.  I'll make them out of felt. 
signal flag gifts - custom banners

Sheets, Blankets, Dust ruffle, Bumper, Changing Table Cover and Curtains
The fabric is all purchased and my amazing mother is sewing everything! :)  If I get time I'll make a couple blankets myself. 

I'll be working on getting some of the room done this week with a reveal here soon! 
How were your weekends? 


  1. You are me freaking hero!
    And the paint color is perfection!

    I can't wait to see it all completed!

  2. 39 weeks and still painting walls. you are spider woman :).

    I'm looking forward to the big reveal!

  3. Amazing! I love how the color-Adrift-fits into the total theme! Can't wait to see the finished look!


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