Friday, February 14, 2014

Thank God It's Friday!

Dear God, 

I'm so done being pregnant! 

Don't get me wrong, the miracle of a growing life still hits me when I sit and think about it, but the stretching, pressure, swelling and overall discomfort are reaching a max level for me.  I'm ready to meet our lil man!! 

On a nicer note, thank you for another great doctor's appointment!  Everything is looking great!  Doctor predicted the baby's weight at 8lbs today... 8lbs!!!  I mean... come on!!   I also did a non-stress test and not one contraction was read.  So I waddled out and off to work.  I kept chanting..10 days or less... 10 days or less. ;)

Thank you for my oh-so-quiet slip into my 30's!  hehe... yup.  on Monday I had my 30th birthday!  And the crazy part was that on Saturday Matt actually threw me a surprise party!...and I was truly surprised!  I seriously can't believe my 20's are officially behind me... but here's to embracing a new decade!  Oh...and the cake Matt got me... um... yeah... he did good! 

Thank you for Valentine's Day!  I actually woke my butt up early to make breakfast in bed for the hubby and a special breakfast for lil A (his favorite...a bowl of honey puff cereal and sausage links). 
The night before, Matt and I stayed up and finished his daycare treats...they came out ok.  Pinterest made it seem easier than it actually was.  Basically an oreo and two pretzels...dipped in melted green vanilla flavored chips.  Yum yum!  "So 'Hoppy' We're Friends!"

Thank you for the last bit of energy I possess to go out and get my hair done.  Can't be looking all cray-cray while giving birth. :)  Stayed short with some reddish/brown highlights.  At first I was like..."what did I do!"  Then I warmed up to it.  It's fun..!

So...this weekend is hopefully the finishing touches to all things baby.  I have our bags packed and the car... carseat cleaned and to finish the room!  

Lord, please be will all my fellow blogger friends this weekend.  Keep them safe and burden their hearts to pray that I give birth asap... :) 

Love always, 
Your daughter


  1. Happy 30th Birthday girly, welcome to primetime :).

    I am right there with you, waiting for my boy to make an appearance. I actually thought it was happening a few days ago and let me tell you I got super excited but then it was a let down when he didn't come.

    Loving your new hairdo by the way, way to get ready for the baby :).

    I pray for a swift and happy delivery for both of us, sooner rather than later :)

  2. Happy B-day Old Lady!!! Kidding. I LOVE THE HAIR!!! 10 days or lesssss AAAAGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

  3. Your hair looks fabulous ... and how, oh how did I forget your birthday! BOOOOO to me!

    Happy belated friend! Yay to your 30s! Matt did so good ... that cake is amazing!

    Baby will be here so soon! How exciting!

  4. Who is Kasalina? I'm so confused! Love the hair!

    1. Kasalina is "Katherine" in Luganda. :)

    2. You would be so proud... I just googled 'Luganda', I thought you made a typo. Well, actually first I googled Uganda Language and when it told me there were multiple...I diverted. I really thought I had a handle on all these names and BAM! Kasalina sneaks up on me! lol, okay, I'm done. =)

    3. lol..glad you learned something new! And from google!!

  5. Happy belated birthday friend. 30 rocks for sure. Your cake looked yummy, pity it's all gone :). I love your new hair style.


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