Wednesday, June 11, 2014

DIY Spice Drawer!

So excited to post this project!  It's one that I spotted on Pintrest and finally got to do it over my maternity leave.  So happy with the end result too!
So you know how you have that spice cabinet and it's chuck full of different size bottles.  You know there's one that broke open so a push of spice always hits you in the face when you open it!  You have no idea what you have inventory wise so there's probably duplicates of cumin since you never use it anyhow.  Well there's a way to get past the madness and have a super cute spice display.  Instead of a them in a drawer!

I had a large misc drawer that I was able to clear out and redistribute the items to where they actually belong!  I then ran to my nearest Walmart and bought a few boxed of wide mouth 1/2 pint glass jars (8 oz).
I then took the lids and spray painted them using Krylon's chalkboard paint and rust protector in red. 
I then used some chalk markers to right down every spice I had.  The tiny jars I left as is and stored on the sides.  I also took the extra measuring spoons we got as a wedding favor and threw them in for quick measuring. Not gonna lie... it's been a few months now and I'm still in love with this setup.  I can clearly see what have, what I need and it looks so freaking cute!   Oh... and those packet spices like taco and crockpot seasoning... I keep on the side too! 
Total Time: 1 day (for the paint to dry!) 


  1. Such a good idea! So neat and organized! I have a spice rack that I love just for the organizational part ... but of course it doesn't have all the seasonings so I have so many sitting unorganized in my cabinet. Doesn't help that storage space is so limited in my apartment. Can't wait to live in a house again!


  2. This is such a great and easy DIY. I think I am stealing this idea. Thanks for sharing lady, you are always full of great inspiration.

    By the way, I just completed my mudroom and felt so accomplished and I told my husband about you showing off your mudroom and he just laughed and said "oh that is from your internet friend with the skills?" hehehehehe, I guess that's what you are known as in my house now :).

  3. Hope all is well with your little family!

  4. We miss you Kathy, come back :). Hope all is well with you and the boys


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