Friday, June 6, 2014

Tackled Mud Problem!

Hey there!  You all have been super patient with this next project that I'm happy to reveal as completed! 

 For the longest time Matt and I have complained about the lack of mudroom in our home.  We really felt like it was something we really needed...especially with two boys and all the bags we have to lug around! We didn't have a spare room to remodel and the laundry room which is just off the garage was too full to utilize.  Looking across the hall though was a coat closet... more like a catch all for all items without a home. :)

We made the decision to gut this closet and make it a bench seat mud room space.  Now, the reason we didn't hesitate to remove a storage space in our home is for a number or reasons.  For one, in the bathroom next door there was a very large linen closet.  Larger than needed for a downstairs 1/2 bathroom.  Across the hall in the laundry room we have the new cabinets we installed last year that also have a ton of storage space.  And lastly... we have the front hall closet by the front door that fit the extra stuff like vacuum and extra shoes.  So really, we could do without this extra closet.  In the end though, it would serve to store the everyday shoes, diaper bags, purse, coats, misc paper work, and winter gear (top shelf baskets). 

So we first started by clearing the space out and putting all items away.  Whatever didn't find a home or we didn't want we donated.  Otherwise, we had a clean slate to work with. 
Matt got to work building the bench seat with custom drawer and shelf.  The back wall he lined with bead board and then he left me to paint.  

I used a Sherwin Williams All Surface Enamel Latex Paint in White for the back wall, shelf and bench.  For the walls I used ProClassic in a light tan color (SW- Relaxed Khaki)
All Surface Enamel Latex BaseProClassic® Interior Acrylic Latex Enamel
Next we did details: The hooks (Home Depot), baskets for the top shelf (Old Time Pottery), Bench Cushion (Custom made by my mom!), Throw Pillow (Hobby Lobby), Letter Rack (Hobby Lobby) and shoe rack (Ikea custom made drawer by Matt).

 I used the letter rack to hold diaper bag supplies.

So there you have it!  I nice lil mud room to keep all our "gear" in check! 


  1. Seriously, the two of you never cease to amaze me! Great job, it looks so good!

    And I was so excited to see a post from you, haha.

    I need to give you my new work email that way we can email all day and hardly work ... just like old times ;)

    1. haha. Thanks Faith! Feels good to post... just never have time! I'll text ya to remind you to email me!

  2. Wow, seriously you guys, how do you do it. It turned out beautifully by the way, such a smart way to turn wasted space into something really functional and beautiful.

  3. Great job! Wanna fly to Atlanta? I have a couple closets that could use remodeling! LOL! Seriously though, I love it!

    1. haha... I love Atlanta!! You may just see me next winter if Ohio gets hit hard again!


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