Thursday, October 30, 2014

....and more Halloween Goodies!

Daycare Treats were completed for lil A's daycare party today!  I researched ideas for months... trying to find some healthy alternatives this year!

We signed up for snacks and I was inspired by Pinterest of course.  Stumbled upon pudding monster cups here and saw that as a quick & easy healthy snack!  Instead of pudding, I chose lowfat vanilla yogurt.  I simply added a few drops of green food coloring. 

 After a good mix, I filled clear plastic cups that already had some fun faces drawn on them and topped them off with crushed oreos (thanks for crushing them Matt!) 

Next, we needed treats for the kid's goodies bags.  I picked up a couple packs of Apple juice boxes, a roll of white duct tape and googly eyes.  Simply ripped strips of the duct tape and wrapped the juice boxes!  (Remember to remove the straws first and reattach to the back afterwards!)  Add some googly eyes and they you have it.. mummy juice boxes!...100% juice too!

 Ok, now it's some candy had to be used!!  The last treat were skeleton brownies!  Got the inspiration here.   You need: 
Brownies (Matt made them from the box)
White frosting (we used white buttercream)
Large Marshmallows
Gel frosting pen (black)
White Chocolate Covered pretzels
Candy sticks (like for homemade suckers)

Cut the brownies into squares.  Add a dollup of icing. (I piped it through a ziploc bag to get a smooth look.   Next poke a stick through and prop the pretzel into the icing and lean it onto the stick. (the icing we eventually harden and hold in place.)  The paint your skeleton face on and pop on top of the stick!  Easy peasy! 
 Excited for lil A's class to enjoy!  Definitely had fun making these this year!!  Worth the work for sure! :) 
Halloween is tomorrow!!  You all ready to see the costumes completed??  I sure am... I better get on that! 

- Kathy


  1. It all turned out really nice! Definitely fun ideas!!!

  2. You did AMAZING! Everything looks so awesome! Way to go Mama!


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