Thursday, October 23, 2014

Lil A's Monster Truck 2nd Birthday!

(This is from the vault of drafts I never published! apologies... )

So in my defense this started off as a small get together... We weren't going to make a big deal about this birthday since it was just "2"... but as we planned and looked at inspiration photos we got too excited and a small get together turned into a Monster Truck bash.  Not gonna, lie... we don't know how to do small.  :)

If you remember lil A's 1st birthday party we had about 65 people...and the weather was perfect!! This year was about 40 people and we got blessed with a break from the endless rain storms!   I'll try to summarize as best as I can...but I'll let a lot of the pictures do the talking!

The Cake
I decided last min to make his cake again this year.  Last year was a three-tier and we had almost the entire bottom leftover.  I decided to scale down and go with a simple design I found on Pinterest.  For the flavor we went with a 1/2 chocolate 1/2 white with the center being buttercream icing and fresh cut strawberries.  It was a recipe from Betty Crocker that I modified slightly.

The Food
We ordered pizza from a local place and then some friends made some amazing salads as sides.  Bagged chips and chocolate frosted donuts spare tires were also available.  For drinks we had clean and muddy milk and various pops.  For dessert we also had dirt cups that my parents made!  All in all... it was delish!





The Games
Decided not to have any organized games this time around.  We had the sand box out and a table set up with washable finger paint and monster trucks so that the kids could make truck track art.  We also had some inflatable tire swim toys that we threw all over the yard... the kids went nuts over them. :)

The Favors
Each of the kids took home a bag of goodies that included: An inflatable tire swim toy, bubbles and a small monster truck!

I think lil A enjoyed his birthday.  I know we did! :)


  1. Seriously, you throw the best birthday parties! There's no way y'all can do small when you are so creative! Love it! Great pictures too!

  2. Lovely pics. The cake looked awesome. I agree with Faith....u throw the best parties

  3. Kathy, what an elaborate yet thoughtful bday celebration. Every little detail made sense and went with the theme. Love it. I love it even more that Reid made an appearance.

    Dude we can't ever do small birthdays either, big African family over here.
    Lil A looks like he had a ball.


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