Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Why I shampooed my carpet this weekend...

What an awesome weekend at home!  It rained a lot... which didn't stop us from trying to get out for a quick hike.  Ok, maybe it did because lil A wouldn't keep his gloves on and proceeded to jump into every puddle he saw.   I'm convinced this kid seeks out the path with the most mud, dirt and water.

On our way back home we stopped at the animal shelter to see some of the dogs they had there.  It was actually pretty sad.  Most were pitbulls that seemed really cage aggressive.  I'm sure most of them would have been fine if they were able to run around, but they were all barking and jumping.  Lil A has a huge heart for dogs and wanted to pet them.  Lil R was the opposite.  haha.  He was gripping onto me and basically growling back at the dogs to prove his alpha stance....(sigh).  The visit did stir in Matt the need for a family dog again...so the hunt is back on to find our perfect furry friend.  Doesn't help that we are super picky with what we want.  Basically, the Hungarian Visla...which retails as low as $2500... but you're paying for a shedless, medium-large sized quality dog!  haha.
So we're trolling shelters and rescues for pointer dogs hoping we come close.

Once we got home, cleaned up, fed and dry everyone took naps and left for a birthday party down the street.  We popped in for just a couple hours and then headed to our friend's house where we spent the rest of the evening babysitting their little girl so that they could go out for their anniversary.  She's a doll... and gets along with lil A perfectly!

On Sunday we were off to church in the morning and then spent the afternoon at home just getting the house in order.  Matt outside getting the yard ready for winter and me inside cleaning the kitchen, mopping the floors, laundry...and shampooing the carpet... because someone decided to take things to the mobile level...

So the floors are clean and I'm trying to keep them free of small edible objects.  Which you know...is so easy to do with a toddler in the house! ha!   I accept the challenge!  Hope you all had great weekends!

- Kathy


  1. White carpet!! You must not wear shoes in the house. It's lovely but so hard to keep clean so I'd say that's a darn good reason to shampoo! Oh that little one is getting around!

    1. Right?! I totally had to sit Matt and lil A down to tell them to quit wearing their shoes around the house!!

  2. YAY, Go Avery, look at him go.

    White carpet, you are crazy lady but if anyone can pull it off you sure can.


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