Friday, November 7, 2014

I know...I know...

...where have I been right?  hehe.. well I never promised daily posts!  I promised I was back!  But I have been spending some time just catching up on a lot of your blogs and other buddies who I secretly follow.  I had missed a lot!

So my week has been intense.  Basically a roller coaster ride of emotions and the need to catch up on some much needed sleep... more on that later!

Well Halloween ended well.  I don't want to say it's my favorite holiday because deep down I feel like it's an anti-christian celebration... but on a light note I love dressing up.  It's fun and you get to visit strangers for free candy.  *win-win*.  Lil A is starting to get into it too and I couldn't be more proud. haha.  So his costumer came out pretty awesome.  I was really happy with the work and he really enjoyed parading down the street getting candy... for the family. ;)

During construction...
I spent so much time with lil A's Thomas costume that I didn't really have time to work on my own... so this is the best I could do given the endless late nights.  Lil R... my from prince was pretty easy.  I got his hat from Etsy and the frog costume from goodwill.  The greens weren't a perfect match.. but it did the trick for night.  Walking around we were a hit.  If I didn't have lil R on my hip...not sure anyone would have known who I was... ha!
Our trick-or-treat crew

That night we meant to go to bed early but we had friends over and seriously loss track of time.  We didn't get to bed till 1am...and we had plans to leave the house super early in the morning to get down to Matt's parents' house in time for niece's 2nd birthday party.  We were out the door by 7am.  The lack of sleep didn't hit us until we were half way through the party.  We all tried to get some naps in, but it was near impossible with all the family around visiting.  So we postponed that for the week... yeah, I know!
But the birthday party was fun and the visit was short...but memorable.  I didn't even take any pictures while we were there.  Maybe because we were so busy chasing the kids and having a good time.
The rest of the week I've just been out of it.  Not sure if it was the lack sleep but I just can't shake the feeling of just being...down.  It happens every now and again so I've just been getting into God's word and keeping the family close to improve my mood.  It's working.. and this weekend we have a fun family getaway planned.  I'm looking forward to it.
Will be praying you all have great weekends!
- Kathy


  1. OMG, loving your costumes, you truly are my hero when it comes to DIY. Your inspiration is just wow. Every time I think you've outdone yourself and you go and prove me wrong by whipping an even better idea out of your tool bag. I love your style for sure.

    After month of being away, I am sure we are ok with you taking a few days to take care for stuff :).

  2. Cute costumes!!! And don't worry-it happens. Blogging can be tough to keep up with!!


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