Monday, March 14, 2016

"I'm hungry" (Part 2)

Get caught up from Part 1 of this project...
The top secret pantry mission continues!  Today was shopping day!  I spent last night measuring and re-measuring for the shelving I want to put in.  I decided awhile back that my dream pantry would have wrap around shelving... and that's what I decided to do.  I was inspired by this blogger and mimicked her shelving widths.

1 x 6 inches for top two shelves
1 x 8 inches for middle two shelves
1 x 12 inches for bottom two shelves

The idea is to store the larger items like my crockpot, skillet, etc on the bottom shelves.  I'll purchase some wire baskets and glass containers for the upper shelves to corral some of the snacks and dry goods and keep my two large baskets for the bottom for items like potatoes and onions..etc.

But back to shopping!  So with my measurements in hand and toddlers in tow... off to Home Depot we went! So grateful to the lumber guy there... who was patient with my long list of cut measurements and changes.  I was originally going to get pre-primed wood.. but they didn't carry the 12" I went with solid pine instead.  It was cheaper.. and I know I have paint on hand to use.
I did get the (1"x2") brace strips preprimed.   Boys were pretty decent during the whole adventure.. can't complain!  I mean, it's a hardware store... I get pretty giddy too!  Did I mention my goal to keep this project under $100?  So far we spent $ I have room for what I have planned with the door!...

After we got home and finished the bed time routine with the boys, I tied on my bandana... put on some work music and got to painting and installing the brace strips using 2 inch drywall screws. I'll come back later to cover the screws before I paint the shelves. 

Yawning and noticing that it's midnight... I'm off to bed.  Tomorrow... shelves!

- Kathy

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