Tuesday, March 15, 2016

"I'm hungry" (Part 3 - Final)

Review Part 2 of this project!
Let's take a min and discuss how painful it was to move our clocks up an  hour over the weekend for daylight savings... Still recovering!  Ugh, so one deserves to lose an hour of sleep... it ain't right!

Ok, so I'm sure many of you are dying to see how the panty  turned out... and I'm super excited to share!   We left off with the pantry painted and support brackets installed.  The next steps were all done in a couple days.  It was a whirlwind of sawdust and paint, so I don't have as many detailed pics as I would have enjoyed to take.
So the next step was installing the shelves. I went to home depot with the boys in tow and had picked out 1-inch thick pine boards. Originally I wanted to get pre-primed boards, but they didn't have the width I needed for the bottom shelves.  Basically, the lower two shelves are 12-inches deep to hold 3 crockpots (yes... three), steamer, juicer, popcorn popper and electric skillet. The side shelves were all 6 inches deep. Going up the shelves were 8-inches and 6 inches.
Each hole that attached to the brace bracket was predrilled to ensure the wood didn't split.  After they were all installed, I attached support brackets to the corners and door frame wall to stabilize and level.

Now to paint the shelves.  Had it been warmer and I had more free time, I would have pre-painted the shelves in the garage and installed after the fact. Instead I painted after I installed.. very... carefully... (honestly, it allowed me to stay inside and keep an eye on the boys. lol  They helped too.  I then came back and caulked all the edges for a clean built-in look. I also used the caulk to fill in the screw holes.
Time for the door!  So we discussed my utter distaste for the bifold door.  I wanted a new one.  I researched buying a new one... like with frost glass... or an old country door...but in the end I didn't want a large sized door.  It would block the entry into the formal dining room.  So I decided on french doors!  I found this amazing blog whereby the re-purposed the exisiting bifold door and converted it into french doors! Mind blown... $$ saved!  I was sold. The best part... I got to use our table saw for the first time!  My close friend came over with her lovely family and while the kiddos played, her husband gave me a quick tutorial on how to operate the table saw (Did I mention Matt has been out-of-town and has no clue what I've been up to?! hehe... ) Anywho... we removed the connecting bracket on the bifold and the hardware on either end and cut the doors down to size.  Shaved off about 1" on each door.  The next day I went about installing the brackets to hang the doors.  I decided on three for each side being that they were the same length as a standard door. After some adjustments / a washer on one side to even... they were installed.  I counter sunk (made it flush with the trim) the hinges to reduce the amount of space it took up. The whole process was honestly easier than I could have imagined being on my own.  I also installed a small piece of leftover primed brace and two door magnetic catch. I then painted the doors black using some paint I had laying around from the china cabinet project.  Took two good coats to cover completely.  Good news... I got a new chisel set!

Now it was time to fill with all the goods!  Everything fit!  and I managed to add a couple extra baskets for storage!  At a glance I can now see what I have in inventory and managing it much more effectively!  The finishing piece was the door knobs.  I found these gems at Marshall's for $4!

Overall, the cost of this project was $115.  I went over by $15 of my goal, but that includes the 3-piece chisel set I purchased!  I can't wait for Matt to get back and be blown away... I hope he's blown away... haha... no turning back now!
Feels good to be back... really does. :)
- Kathy


  1. How cool Kathy. I didn't know you ALSO do a blog. You are really quite handy. You really did well. I am amazed by all you do. Keep it up!! You are awesome! ! - Laurie

  2. Thanks Laurie! Used to blog a lot and once Reid was born, had to let it go for a bit. Things are entering the new normal and I'm excited to get back at it

  3. You are so bad a** I can't even stand it! Power saws! Construction! Sawdust! Can you come over to my house and do mine? Or maybe I could get things going by showing this to my husband!! Great price too. It looks great.

  4. Kathy, you are so good, DIY is in your blood. You come up with such awesome creations and you make it happen for such a great price. So glad to have you back

  5. Amazing transformation. I really love how you created more space, I'm so amazed at your diy skills! Clapping hands for you :)


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