Friday, March 11, 2016

"I'm hungry!"

"Mommy, I'm hungry!" is the phrase I hear most often from my two toddler boys when we're in the house.  I think they panic with momentary silence and decide to fill it with food.  Not that their hungry or anything.. just need to fill the time with something besides sitting still and quiet. lol.
Anywho... leads me to rummaging in the pantry to find them something "healthy" to eat.  The problem is, my pantry is a hot mess. And the boys help themselves most often, so you can imagine what it looks like on a daily basis.

Not going to boast about how large our pantry is, because it's not.  It's about a 3ft x 2ft closet with wire shelves.  The shelves are deep, but so much stuff gets lost and forgotten in the back. The other day I decided to clean it out.  The idea was to toss out the old, get some more bins...organize...organize... organize...till a couple months from now when I'm back to this black hole of snack mess...
Once the pantry was completely cleared out...I got an itch.  It's been what, like a year and half since I did a DIY project... even more since I shared it with my blogsters... and here I am with an empty canvas spread before me... and the boys are upstairs sleeping.  
I could feel the smile tugging on my face.  I knew Matt would probably go crazy with this idea I have...but he wasn't home.  It was like God aligned the stars just right and was screaming... Go get `em Kathy.  So I ran upstairs and dug out my toolbox and drill bag... and set to work...
Step 1: Remove bifold door.  Whoever invented the bifold door...Let's just say, I didn't cry when I unhinged that toddler finger trap. 
Step 2: Remove the wire shelves.  I actually have nothing against the wire shelves, except the fact that things fall through.  We had a jar of honey leak a few months back... ugh, I still can't talk about it.  They were strong, semi-see thru, so it was easy to notice what we had if you stuck your head completely in... but I still had a distaste for them.  So out they go.  Didn't realize that every nail/screw hole was an anchor the size of my pinky... I really hate them. 
After I pulled out the 5 shelves, I threw them (yes threw) them in the garage.  Still deciding if I'm going to toss or reuse... probably leave them at the curb for someone to take if they feel inclined.  They're honey scented anyhow... (haha... too soon)  
Had to quit there for the evening.  It's late and this mama had to get to work in the morning... 

stay tuned! 
- Kathy

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  1. You do not play when it comes to your DIY LOL! Our pantry is about the same size-yours is probably a bit wider on shelving. Or should I say was! I'm not complaining because I'm just happy to have a pantry at all. My parents have a pantry so big I could probably do a cartwheel in it. Can't wait to see what you do with it. Maybe I'll be inspired!!


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