Wednesday, April 6, 2016

1st Home - Circa 2010

We bought our first home August 2009 during a buyer's market.  It was a diamond in the ruff as it was listed incorrectly and sat on the market for quite some time.  Even when we went to view it... we didn't expect to be impressed.  The process of purchasing was smooth and before we knew it...we were homeowners!
I remember sitting on the living room floor one of the first nights eating taco bell on our cardboard box table watching our neighbor cut his grass in about 5 min with a zero-turn mower, then drive it into his custom built shed.  We looked at each other in silence then bust out laughing.  With our push mower, I knew Matt would be out there for hours!   We were so excited to venture into this new world of suburbia!

So I started digging back to 2010 to see some of the projects we worked through that end of the year... and stumbled on this dream gem!  Lol... I had in a dream of a small fluffy white dog and two red-headed twins.  HA!  Well, we got the house, two brown-haired boys and dog coming by the end of the year (more on that later!)
Project Parade...2010
1) DIY Rain Barrel - This was our first "green" project and attempt to water our lower yard plants without hauling the hose from the house!  It was so easy and a huge hit for my readers... with over 106,000 views!
2) Gardening and more Gardening.
We started landscaping in the yard and an indoor herb garden for the kitchen.  I plan to do the herbs again in the new place.  It was nice having them so close and fresh!

3) Wrapping Paper Drawer Liners
This was a quick and easy DIY with wrapping paper and Modge Podge.

We also managed to get married September 2010... so life was pretty busy back then!
Excited to see what 2011 projects were completed!

- Kathy

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  1. The house we just bought was listed incorrectly too! Good for us, lol.

    It's so funny that I remember all these projects! Such a fun time :)


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