Thursday, April 7, 2016

1st Home - Circa 2011

So excited to do these project parades!  After 6 and 1/2 years.... we've done so much to make that house a home.  The memories alone have been fun to read about, but we're all really excited to see what the next chapter in our lives will be in a new house.  We listed our house on the market today...this is really happening!  So let's take a ride back to 2011... a couple of newlyweds with a blank canvas house.  What did we get ourselves into!...
1) DIY Mosaic Sunburst Mirror - Had a charger plate from the wedding and some dowel rods...

2) DIY Laundry Basket Dresser - Another hit project (over 111,000 views).  Definitely redefinged our laundry situation!  Still have to make one for the boys.. it's on the to-do list.
3) House Binder - Talk about some serious house organization.  This binder transformed how we handle bills, house maintaince and even keeping misc greeting cards on hand for those sponatneous occasions that slip your mind! 

4) DIY Picnic Blankets - Double sided picnic blankets that roll up for easy storage and carry!  Family has grown since I first made these, so I need to make some that are double wide...and boyish colors. :)

5) DIY Butterfly Wall Art - Loved the DIY.  I used the same concept later for some nursery art.  But the million dollar impact these pictures had on this wall was hands down worth the pennies I spent to create them. :) 

6) DIY Wire Hanger Wreath - Since Matt was bringing home boxes of wire hangers with his work uniforms...I took revenge and made art. lol

7) Chimenea Restore - My love for spraypaint... brought to life. 

8) Front Door Makeover - Fresh coat of paint, decal and wreath... 

9) DIY Box Garden - This was all Matt... 

10) Garage Floor Painting - Awesome upgrade to the garage floors. Plan to do this as soon as we move... before we put heavy stuff on the floors! 
11) Jewelry Organizers - Here and Here

12) Recycle Bin Storage - Another Green project... hoping to continue this in the new place. 

13) Pallet Wood Shoe Rack - I just love the million uses for pallets!  This project was such a space saver... and we have it in use constantly!

14) China Cabinet Rehaul - Another Craigslist find ($40) with makeover

This was also the year we found out Avery was on his way!  Our family was growing!
- Kathy

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  1. I remember a lot of these DiY projects and definitely remember the bump pics with Avery :). Such a great trip down memory lane.


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