Thursday, April 21, 2016

1st Home - Circa 2013

House selling status...
We got through last weekend's open house.  We had 12 groups come through and they all loved the house.  But no offers yet!
- loved the decor (made me smile!)
- loved the overall flow of the house
- loved the size of the bedrooms
- loved the vaulted rooms
- loved the basement bathroom
- loved the curb appeal (kudos to Matt for working tirelessly to get the yard in tip top shape

- Concerned about the back porch stairs (Matt put that on his to-do list to redo...because we already knew that new ones were needed!)

We're not too worried about the zero offers so far, because we're still on the hunt for the perfect house!  The one we had our eye on and got the ball rolling for us sold last week.. so we're back to square one in the search!
Meanwhile... let's review the DIY projects from 2013!  

We were officially a family of 3 and balancing parenthood and projects was a part-time job!

1) Wall Niches - This was such an awesome project that I really had nothing to do with.  Matt was all into this. I had a vision... I drew pictures... he brought it to life.  The crazy part was that 1/2 way through we had to change the design once we realized the obstacles behind the wall!

2) Growth Chart - This is one of those projects that "grows" with you. (hehe... did you catch that!)  But seriously... it's a decor piece and family history all rolled in one!
3) DIY Fondant Birthday Cake - This was my first attempt at making / using fondant and making a tiered cake.

4) Couch Reupholstery - This was soooo much work. And I owe the majority of praise to my mother... she's the

We also found out this year that we were expecting Reid!!  So life started changing once again! 
Stay tuned for 2014 recaps!! 
- Kathy

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