Wednesday, April 27, 2016

5 min in Kathy's Head

- Lately I've been craving a bowl of veggies.  Like a salad or stirfry... just veggies.  Maybe it's because I spent the last few months eating like a crazy person and my body is saying, "Kathy, detox!" or it's summer and I want to make good probably time for a detox.

- I hate selling a house.  I hate hunting for one.  I don't have the patience to build.

- I held Avery put his PJ's on last night and he told me, "Thanks mom!  You're the best, you're just so awesome!".  That's one huge accomplishment for me...check!

- Pretty sure Reid is a teenager stuck in a short round body.

- I wonder if there's a smoothie place nearby...

- I miss my bootcamp, but not the pain.

- I wonder if I can buy a new pair of shoes this week without Matt noticing.  He didn't seem to notice the two from a couple weeks ago.

- I should have made chocolate covered strawberries last night

- Why don't adults get nap time.  We deserve it so much more than the toddlers.  They should stay up and pay bills.

- I should probably get to planning our outing for Avery's 4th birthday!  It's coming up next week and I have no clue what we should do for him.

- I want to go camping.

- Lemon Oreos are the best breakfast cookie.

- Kathy

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  1. The shoe one made me laugh out loud, so funny!

    And yes to the naptime! We completely need it too. It's amazing what a little cat nap does to my overall mood.


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