Friday, April 8, 2016

It's Official!

Our house has been listed!

I still can't believe we got the house show ready in a week... and even a new bathroom to boot.  The boys were difficult at times to work around and clean up after, but we did it!  House has never looked this good haha!

 Now this project is a special one.  Matt built a full bathroom in the basement.  And by built, I mean he broke into the foundation to run water and sewer, he framed the walls, ran electrical and water, painted, laid flooring, installed vanity, shower and toilet and installed lighting.  So yeah... mind blown that he finished the bulk of it in 3 days!  But he said he was "motivated" ha!

 So now we wait for traffic!  And hopefully a quick sale!!

- Kathy


  1. The house looks amazing. Can't believe he did the bathroom in 3 days! That's incredible and he did an awesome job. I want to be handy, haha! I hope you have a huge turnout and a quick sale! God's blessings!

  2. wow, your house looks amazing. Matt is serious handyman, that bathroom looks amazing.

    Good luck with the sale of your house, I hope it sells quickly.


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