Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The Additional Commode!

So I'm so excited to share this DIY project that I really had nothing to do with except for nagging.  When we moved into our current home, we knew that down the road we would finish the basement.  We didn't finish the basement, but we did add an additional bathroom. This was all Matt....and he did an amazing job!  I can only take credit for helping with the purchasing of the furniture/decor and like I said...nagging to get it done. lol

We went through a lot of iterations on the layout for the basement.  For sure we wanted zones for media, small kitchenette, kids, bedroom, workout, storage and bathroom.  The bathroom had to happen first because there was no rough-in for plumbing!
Yes, you read right.  Matt decided he was going to bust through the concrete and rough in piping for plumbing.  This is where I almost nixed the whole project.  I have a legit fear of damaging a foundation.  Especially a rock solid, zero flooding issues basement foundation.  But Matt was insistent that it could be done and that he could do it himself.  So I stepped back and let the man do his thing!
Now, I don't have pictures of the actual concrete demo... that was actually over a year ago and it was messy messy work. (again, was not apart of it! lol) But after he ran the plumbing in he framed out the room with 2x4s. Ran electrical and water.  The electrical was needed for the ventilation fan (which he constructed the duct work for), the electrical sockets, vanity light and room light. The water was ran for the shower, toilet and sink.

Next he attached green board (mold resistant dry wall) behind what would be the shower walls. 

Next was installing the rest of the drywall.  This was messy work again.. I was not present at all... I hate dust.  Actually, my hair hates dust.  My husband is a brave soul.  He had to mud the drywall, sand, mud, sand, etc... until seams were smooth.  He made sure to send me selfies of his progress. 

Lastly, he did the rest in a whirlwind day.  He installed the toilet, shower, vanity and flooring.  He then spent the night painting the walls and stamping out the ceiling. The next day he installed the vanity light and self-adhesive backsplash tile.  The mirror and clock I picked up black friday for a steal, so he threw those up...and ta da... we have a bathroom. 

Oh wait.. I did do the staging... lol *winning*
I told ya he did good!  So proud of him!!  I can't wait to have him do this in the new place if needed.  Now that I know he can do it in just a couple weeks... buwahahaha.....

- Kathy


  1. I can't believe he did this. So, so handy! And in a couple of weeks. It would take Sean 3 years to figure that out. Serious, no joke, haha. He did so, so good! I love the color scheme as well. Very relaxing :)

  2. That is not the typical basement bathroom! It's lovely! The two of you can tackle any project. What a pair!!


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