We're a lil crazy when you get to know us... 

My name is Kathy and my hubby is Matt... we refer to each other many a times as Lovelace....hence our lovely blog name!  Some fun facts about us: 

- We met at my college at a random party thrown by a mutual friend.  My sister played matchmaker with us... and well...it worked out pretty well! 

- I drink Pepsi...he drinks Coke

- Matt loves chocolate more than anyone I've ever met!  We actually have our own separate chocolate stashes in the house.

- Our favorite season is Fall

- We both love to DIY!

- We both realized neither of us has a hobby.  So we've solved that insecurity by claiming we're just too well-rounded to be categorized into one specific skill set.

- We dated for almost 6 years before we got married September 4th, 2010!

- We bought our first house in 2009. 

- We're huge movie buffs!

- We both know how to drive manual cars.

- We believe in spontaneous dance parties...everyday...anywhere!

- We became very proud parents to this little man on May 6, 2012

- Not long after we realized we may be in over our heads!

I'm sure there is a lot more... but well... you'll learn as we blog.  :)