Tuesday, May 4, 2010

So the blogging begins!

I never thought I would become a blogger!   I guess with all the wedding planning on Project Wedding, I've become in-tune with my inner writer. lol.  Actually, I've been conversing back and forth with our wedding photographer and he asked me if I blogged!  I said no, but then started to ask myself why I didn't.  Then with a nudge from some PW friends... here we are.  :)
Well, we're 4 months out from our wedding date.  A lot is going on in terms of bookings and DIY projects, and our new house!  Yes, crazy busy over here.  But we'll tell you all about it!  (Yes, Matt will be blogging too!)

Stay tuned!


  1. so excited that you now have a blog!! can't wait to stalk you!!!

    i have been trying to follow Young House Love but for some reason i haven't been able to! please tell how you did! :)

  2. yay!! i figured it out!!! :)


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