Monday, September 27, 2010

Another side job?

I have a job.  Full time, 9-5 (well 7-3 actually) job as a chemist....
Then I come home and I start job #2... unlimited hours as homemaker/wife extraordinare.

During my lunch break on job #1 I made a craigslist post of  our wedding items and actually got two instant replies!  (I guess those $1 vases from dollar tree were a steal!)  Anywho...somehow I got to communicating with a potential buyer and mentioned to her how I made my own table numbers for our wedding.  I sent her a picture and asked if she would like for me to make hers.  (For a price of course...labor ain't cheap my
Reception Details photo 5 Reception Details photo 6
Well you can imagine my surprise when she accepted my price quote and now wants me to design hers!  And to make matters easier... she pretty much wants the same layout as mine!  (Thank goodness I kept that template! lol)  So  now I guess I'm slowing putting on the hat of entrepreneur...kind of exciting!  I know it will definitely help ween me from all the wedding planning!...not to mention put some money towards my growing shoe collecting hobby.  ;) 

So I'm off to go blow the dust off my paper cutter! 


  1. Oh you wedding-DIY-diva. Of course she wanted you to make her table numbers! They are gorgeous!

  2. look @ you! before you know it you will have way too many customers that this will be your job! that is so awesome ... and i am not surprised she said she will pay ... your work is beautiful!

  3. am so glad you are planning my wedding dearest cousin and that you are matron too ;-)


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