Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Yesterday was Halloween...and boy was it a cold one!!
We had a busy weekend of Halloween parties, so we got home early afternoon and decorated the house a little bit.  I made some Ramen noodles and hot cocoa while we settled down by a bonfire to pass out candy to the little kiddies.  I found my pumpkin fleece pants that my mom made me a couple years I modeled those and my Browns gear.  We ended up running out of candy and had to close up shop early!  We'll learn to get more next year!

Our Halloween decor... check out the awesome web job on the tree. :)

Our Entry way

Chillaxin' by the bonfire with some Ramen

We saw some super cute costumes, but the one that took the cake was the inflatable Sumo wrestler.  I was laughing so hard watching this little guy run from house to house. (He was trying so hard to keep up with his friends... I was dying!!!)   Anywho...I don't condone taking pictures of other people's kids and posting them on the internet  (unless their my fam!!)   But here's a picture of the costume:

Inflatable Sumo Child Costume


  1. Oh how fun- I LOVE that you two got bundled up to relax outside!!! Looks so cozy. Love the sumo costume, I saw one a few years back, just like that one- a big blow up type, but it was a ballerina (hilarious)!

  2. The fire, the pumpkin pants, the hot coco, the radio, the candy... how fun!!! And yipee for a great ToTer turnout!

    Not a single one at our place. Humph.

  3. aww, the two of you are so darn cute! i love it! but i love it more that you both had a fire going to keep warm.

    p.s. that costume is hilarious! i think you should have been naughty and taken a picture of the lil boy ... just saying. ;)


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