Thursday, November 18, 2010

Married Life Check Up #9

All is fair in love and war...

except when it comes to chocolate.

Matt and I have a mutual agreement to have separate chocolate stashes in the house.  (totally normal marriage agreement).  The stipulation was if we found each others we had free reign on the goods.  Well Matt stinks at hiding things so I immediately found his mini stash of Andes mints in his Harley boot.  (Score...and yummy goodness) 
I transferred my war booty to mine and went on with my life.  Well two months later...Matt begins an obvious search for my stash (he never keeps his he was feening).  Well go figure he finds all it's fully stashed glory!  I had to wrestle him down for a pack of M&Ms and call the rest a sacrifice.

...he sat there and ate it all within an hour.

...I'm in mourning.


  1. hahahahaha, i am dying here! i wish he had that agreement in our house! Sean truly believes what's mine is his!!! ugh.

    i am so sorry. i know you were very upset! hahaha ;)

  2. that is so cute! no don't (can't) store any chocolate, we always finish what we have very quickly :(


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