Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010!

I love Thanksgiving!  I don't know if it's the food...being with family...or a combination of the two?!  Either way, I just love it!  This year we made plans to spend Thanksgiving at Matt's parents house.  I volunteered to make the stuffing balls.  This happens to be my mom's special recipe...so the Tuesday before Turkey Day I went over to my mom's to cook some stuffing! 

Unfortunately I can't post the recipe.  It's hush hush in our family...and well, we don't measure anyways. lol  I will tell you this... I chopped for hours! 

Ignore the wet spot on my shirt.  I had a slight run-in with the faucet while washing the celery.

Matt even helped... though I think he was more playing than helping. lol

Yum!  They're all done!
 So on Wednesday night we loaded up the car and headed down. It was a long trip, but in the end it's always worth it.  I watched a movie (Couple's Retreat - loved it) and then I took a nap.  I'm completely aware of the fact that I'm a horrible person to travel in a car with.  Dually noted.

In the morning Matt's mom woke up early to start on the turkey. I wanted to help but my body was not feeling the 6am wake-up call.  But I did wake up a couple hours later and baked some homemade cinnamon rolls.  Oh... they were delicious!  Meanwhile the turkey and stuffing were cooking!

 Family started to arrive around 2pm.  It was a full house...just the way we like it!  They even dressed up the one of the dogs.  I don't know if he was feeling it though. :)

  We were munching on appetizers the whole morning... this little cheese ball was one of my favs. It was like cream cheese frosting with little chocolate chips in it... served with graham crackers

Mom with the turkey!  It's all done!!  All 20lbs of Turkey Love!

We really had an awesome time!  We had to leave that night so that Matt was back home in time for work in the morning. :(  


  1. looks like such a blast! that turkey looks incredible and that stuffing balls!!! i want the recipe, hahahaha. JK!!!

    the dog is so cute!

    p.s. i want to own Couples Retreat ... i just want to pay for it when it's less than $7.00 to own, hehe. i like buying great movies for cheap!!! :)

  2. see Faith... this is exactly why you need to go shopping on BF! I got it at a video store that was going out of business for $10 but it was at Walmart and Target for $10 and $3!

  3. The turkey looks delicious!!!! And I'm with Faith - I want the recipe for the stuffing balls!!!! hahahaha! I'm sad that we don't have thanksgiving here but I think once my kids are born I'll make it a tradition in our home - it's always nice to be thankful:)

  4. What an awesome looking spread! And I love that dog!
    AND I love that you love going out early for black Friday, and your husband has red hair. Mine does too.

  5. That turkey was delish!! We enjoyed visiting you guys, only wish you could have stayed longer. Can't wait until we move back there (hopefully by this summer) and create many new memories. Miss you SO MUCH! xoxoxo


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