Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Decor (Part 2) - The Inside Story

So I finally went all paparazzi on our indoor Christmas decor. I'm proud to say we're done decorating.  Though I have huge plans for next year...

We'll start in the family room and the mantel decor.  
Gotta love the versatility of wedding decor candles/vases...

My first stocking...(the story)
Matt's stocking...

 We got a red poinsettia from Matt's parents that I just heart to death.  Christmas decor isn't complete until you have your poinsettia plant! (p.s. did you know they were once considered a poisonous plant?  Well they're non-toxic to humans, but could be deadly to pets and small children... FYI!)
 My mom collects snowmen.  It's more of an explosion of cold little people in her living room during this time.  Well, she insisted I start collecting something, so we agreed on gingerbread men.  So here's the first one she bought me. :)
Then it went in to the kitchen...
 And the stairwell. (More to come I'm sure!)
 I purchased five pieces for a Christmas village from a coworker for $5 each last year... almost forgot about them in the basement!  They light up inside and look so homey!  I want to try and get a couple more pieces. 
 The Kitchen Table.  My mom actually made those reversible placemats a few years ago and handed them down to me.  they match perfectly!

 Our Christmas card display!  We even got a card from our realtor!  She actually gave us our very first Christmas ornament when we moved in. :)
 Entry Way Decor...and of course the Christmas tree. :)

 Silver berries and branches tucked in here and there.
 Super glittery jumbo ornaments we found on sale at a local shop (3 for $0.79!!)
 Our 1st Christmas Ornament from my mom! (Note: Subtle Snowman influence lol)
 And of course... we represent.

Stay tuned for the final installment of our Christmas decor...the great outdoors!


  1. wow! everything looks amazing and so festive!

    you did such a great job!!!

    can't wait to see the outdoors!!! :)

  2. Wow wow wow Kathy!! Everything looks fabulous! I'm so impressed with ALL your decor. And I'm in love with your gingerbread collection. What a sweet idea. And I can't believe there is even more to come?!!? Hurry, hurry!

  3. Wow your house looks wonderful. Good job!!!

    I feel bad that I've not decorated the whole house this year but I'll do better next year :-)

  4. Your decorations are beautiful! We just put up a small tree and a wreath on the door, but no decorations throughout the house :( Hopefully next year! Do you guys live in Cleveland? Cuz I'm a Cincinnatian, reppin the Bengals (sadly) :) Yay for Ohio!

  5. @ Vickdn...thanks for the comments! And yes, we live in Cleveland. :)


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