Wednesday, January 5, 2011

2011 Goals

I can' t do this.
I can't make a yearly goal because I know it will go flying out the window by March.  I'm more of a weekly/monthly goal setter.  I gotta keep the finish line close at hand or I give up.  Yeah, I'm weird like that.  Or maybe I'm like majority of the world...and I have no problem proclaiming it to the world!  So, I'm basically saying no to making a New Year's Resolution!!!  
Instead, I'll be setting monthly goals for myself in the hopes that at the brink of 2012 I can look back and say, "Whoa lost a ton of that 2010 weight and you did a crapload of amazing DIY projects...kudos"

So here goes...

I think it's easy enough for me to set at least 1  DIY project goal per week.  Totally doable...considering none of my shows are airing right now.  I'm even going to be super motivated and squeeze one out with the remaining days this week!  Crazy... I know. 

1) DIY a project for the office.  Make it just a tad more organized and homey. (aka... hang more pictures and get to filing away 2010 and prepping for 2011)
- Printer stand to hold both printers and paper goods
- Wrapping paper station
- Paint upper beam (not pictured)
- Organize wiring

2) Tackle that oh-so-blue room.  It's too much blue.  MUST find a way to defuse.   
- Remove all the storage bins
- Construct headboard
- Organize closet
- New curtain
- Paint molding back to white... fun fun.
I posted earlier on photo 2401803-5

3) Finish Formal Dining Room!  It's like the light at the end of a tunnel.  We started when we got the house over a year ago... so it's kind of exciting to see it all come together finally! (The history)
- finish sanding/one more coat of clear on chairs
- finish seat covers
- China cabinet redo will have to wait for warmer weather
- Curtains are done!!  (Thanks mom!!) 

I think that's enough for one month don't we all think?!  lol... let's pray it all comes together...and that I have the energy/time! 


  1. Holy cow Kath, that's ambitious for 1 month!! I'll be your little cheerleader though :) Loving those dining room curtains. Your mom blows me away. I'm curious to see what you come up with to diffuse that blue room too [puts thinking cap on]. I love your home!!

  2. That's great to break it down to a month at a time! I like that! You have a lot of great projects - I love decorating and organizing :) And those curtains are very pretty!

  3. you are ambitious! i will keep bothering you to make sure you are crossing the items off the list! trust me :)

    i am in love with those curtains your mom made, she is incredible!

  4. You are ambitious!!! I know you'll do it all though :-)

    The curtains look lovely.


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