Friday, March 18, 2011

The cabinet dilemma

I mentioned earlier how we decided to purchase our laundry room cabinets from Ikea.
Akurum - with glass doors

Well the time has come to put the order in!  But as always I'm having some doubts.  I can't decide whether to use all three styles of cabinets (They would all fit with about 2 inches we would need to fill with a white board... or using only 2 cabinets and having shelving.   Here are some rough sketches of the room...with the skirted sink lol :

1) Option 1: With all three cabinets There would be an option for storage above the horizontal cabinet but that would be it. 

2) Option 2: Taking out the cabinet with one door and replacing it with open white wood shelving (about 16 inches wide).  It would save in cost too (about $90)

So I need your help in deciding!!  Should I go with option 1 or 2?

EDIT NOTE:  I forgot to mention that I do have pedestal drawers underneath the washer and dryer... so more storage.


  1. Option 1. It will keep the room looking cleaner and less cluttered. And it works nicely haveing the shelves with doors fit perfectly over both the washer and dryer.

  2. I like option 1 because you get so much more storage this way.

    One thought would be to ask yourself how much "storage stuff" do you have to put away behind closed doors. If you don't think you would use all that closed storage space then maybe the better option would be #2. I hope that helps in some way. I'll be check back to see what you decide. We bought the same cabinets from Ikea. We love them so far.

  3. I think you should definitely go with Option 2 since it would be easier to grab things frome the shelf and it would be cheaper. I have had 3 houses and 4 kids and that's the route that I would take. But it's up to you!

  4. Hmm. Toughie. I think I prefer #1 just because it's a nice balance to have cabinets over both washer & dryer. Are you married to the smaller cabinet over the sink though? Perhaps you could hang a cute mirror there instead. I think having both cabinets would give you plenty of storage and then not only would the mirror bounce light around/make the room seem larger, but you could save the money by not having that add'l cabinet. Just a thought. But yeah, I think I like #1 better. Go with your gut on this- that usually works out best.

  5. I think I prefer #1... but if you don't need that much storage, I would do just one of the cabinets with double doors on the far right, and to the left open shelving like this one from Ikea as well:

  6. def. go with #1! in the long run the extra storage would be so much better than $90 ... also, it also looks cleaner and more organized. and i know that being organized is HUGE for you! so #1 gets my vote ... but I also know that you can make anything look clean & organized so let us know what you decide! :)


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