Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Our Craigslist Patio

So I had found this porch set on Craigslist a couple weeks ago and was determined to purchase it for its list price of $65! 

image 0
Well, it got sold before we could make an offer!   Yeah, I was totally bummed!  I mean...what the heck?  I sent the guy e-mails from three different accounts showing my interest. lol... was that too much?! 

Anywho, obviously the Lord had different plans for us because that same rejected day I found another set in the town next door that was being sold for over 50% less...yeah, only $30!  In the pictures they looked like crap.  Maybe it was the old faded and mismatched pillows they had on them...or the fact that they were in a dark garage...I mean, anyone would have overlooked them as trash, but I felt a pang of possibility.  Another man's junk is another man's {or woman's}  treasure.  So I did what I always do.  I called my hubby and asked him to go look at them....
When he pulled up to the house that evening... {I was outside spray painting the wire hanger wreath}.  He had a truck bed full of a wooden porch set!  Yay!  The set itself was in great shape...and was actually a 25 year old set.  So it was great craftsmanship!  A couch, two chairs and a small table.  The cushions... were gross.  We now use them to soak up the oil from Matt's winter car in the garage. lol. 

But good news on that front!  My awesome mom found some cushions on sale..and they matched the Memorial Day theme we were gunning for this past weekend's party.  :)   So psyched!  After some repositioning we had a new patio for under $100!  Yeah, can't beat that!
 {Remember that chiminea?!}

 {The only damage was on the arm of this chair, maybe one day I'll repaint them}

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  1. what an awesome deal!!! looks great too!!! you have the best craigslist skills ever! i'm serious!!

  2. OMG- they are the perfect fit for your outdoor space! Nice job!!!

  3. Actually Kath- you totally lucked out. We had a patio set that looked identical to that first one (that you didn't get) and it was a piece of junk. Looked great in pictures, but it was flimsy and broke super easy. We ended up listing our set for free before we left NC- it was that bad (and we only owned it for 2 years). The OPPOSITE of what you ended up with. Which I LOVE!! Things have a funny way of working out, eh? Awesome-possum.

  4. *On Craigslist now* lol

  5. I love great deals!!! That set looks so comfy, the chairs are deep and roomy!! They don't make them like that anymore! Nice cushions too! I love it!


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