Friday, May 27, 2011

Revenge of the wire hanger

When we were spring cleaning the downstairs closets I realized we were beginning to develop a surplus of wire hangers compliments of Matt's work uniforms.  At first I was going to throw them away, but the thought of contributing to the mass buildup of landfills was not sitting well with me.  Thankfully Matt found out that the uniform company was willing to take back the hangers to recycle!  Awesome!   Well, after a couple weeks of that system I was in the basement and found a box full of hangers!!  I think in the beginning I was storing them down there and forgot.  I brought up the box to be sent out in the morning with Matt when I got this idea...
There was this picture in my inspiration file for when I was deciding whether or not to paint the living room dark blue.
See that white wire structure on the wall?!  Totally caught my eye.  I love it!  I bet it costs over $200!  
Hm... I have this box of wire hangers. 
And White Krylon Matte spray paint. 
I untwisted the hangers and laid them out straight.  I  took another straightened hanger and used it to wrap the rest of them together.  
Next, I started curling all the wire.  I ended up using about 15 hangers total.  I then took it outside and sprayed it with Krylon Matte White spray paint.  It was dry in about 10 min! 
It was hanging time!  I had envisioned this wire wreath for above the front door. Funny side story is that our small ladder was outside in the shed and..surprise! was raining.  So Matt let me sit on his shoulders while I hammered the nail in.  lol...wish I could have gotten a picture!

 I originally was going to add the white circles and spheres, but I was afraid it would be too much with the pendent hall light right in front of it.  So for now it'll stay like this.  :)

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  1. Wow it's crazy the way you think of things! You definitely stole all the creative genes.

  2. You ooze creativity my dear! How fun!!!

  3. This is such a great idea!! How creative and wonderful that you were able to make something so much like your inspiration piece~ love it against your dark wall too~ Beautiful! Thank you for sharing this at Feathered Nest Friday~ hope you will be back to share again soon! :)

  4. Visiting from the linky party - this was a seriously fantastic use of your coat hangers! The art looks great above the door, and I agree that putting on the circles, etc. would be too much - just perfect as it. Thanks for sharing.

  5. you are so darn creative!!! wow!! you just never cease to amaze me! that looks amazing! great job!

  6. Now THAT'S a fantastic idea! How amazing that something so common can make such an art statement!? Great job!

  7. I am in complete awe with this one girl!! Can not believe you thought of truly blow me away!!


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