Monday, May 23, 2011

Season of Weddings!

It's Spring!  Which means back to back weddings till July!
This past Saturday the clouds quit dumping rain and opened up to sunshine for my friend's wedding.  I'm serious...the day was gorgeous!  My sister was in town too so we had the whole family together.  There was some time in between the ceremony and reception so we ran over to Applebees to grab some food...and of course pictures!

{Matt was begging to wear his suspenders... I couldn't say no, he looked so handsome. :)}

 {My little sister and I}
 {Car pics of course!}

 {Congrats Kellie & Jason!}
 {Yummy cake}

Gosh, I kept getting flashbacks from our wedding day.  It's crazy how fast 8 1/2 months goes by!


  1. You have the most beautiful skin Kathy!!! Glad to hear/see you had a great time. And it's nuts to realize how fast time goes by. Way too fast!

  2. you and Matt looked great! love the car pics, i just love that there is someone in the world who is perfectly not insane who does this too, haha.

    and 8 1/2 months already?! crazy!


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